Page One Hundred Fifty: We All Knew It Was Coming

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  1. approvedjunk

    Zombies…and dungeon crawling, groaning and moaning, mythical sword wanting ones at that. You may be needed something slightly better than an ordinary shotgun Laz. Just make sure not to pull a Louis and startle the witch.

    • David

      Pills here!

      • Topazert

        Grbbin’ a shot!

        • Kevin

          Grabbin…. Puke?

          • tracender02

            Grabbin a molotov!

          • KaosDucky

            Skrew that, I’m grabbing the wunderwaffle, or the ray gun.

          • tracender02

            Grabbin a Chuck Norris bomb!

          • Pan!c

            Grabbin heroin! I mean… no that’s pretty much exactly what I meant. Now everyone get the hell into the Jimmy Gibbs, we’re going to Kiddy Land.

        • Voidreth

          Tee hee… make dem go BOOM BAHAHAHAHA

      • MadMann135

        Grabbing ninja sword.
        Grabbing this assault rifle.
        OH! Laser sights here!

        • That guy

          Grabbin the auto-shotty!

    • Onasaki

      Grabbin’ a medkit! Cover me, I’m healing!

    • Jackattack

      Or in L4D2…. “Spang!” – Ellis

    • Silverwolf

      “Grabbin’ assault rifle!”
      “Ninja sword here!”

  2. Thoth

    Ah, the quick way to party unity! Noxious menace appears that wants to kill all of you, and the fact that you were at each others throats five minutes before falls by the wayside in the interests of survival.

  3. PSA

    Oh come on Laz I’m sure you know how to make one if your really that desperate. … Or not… in the later case I suggest running and hoping that their no super zombies

  4. Keith

    zombies? No kiddo, those are reanimated mummies. Much harder to deal with and anyway you don’t have an shotgun. Where is a self igniting flaming arrow salesman when you need them?

    • approvedjunk

      Well they do have a torch and arrows. Though the one means of shooting the arrows just broke. Way to go G.e.m. and Eshita, you just lowered your survival chances by fighting.

  5. Michie

    Hahaha.. the look on his face in panel 7 was THE best. Made me laugh. Thanks 🙂

  6. Uhl

    Everyone could just go out the way Laz and Eshita came in and then TAKE THE STICK! Zombie/ mummy frappe!

    • fangrider

      but arent the zombies/mummies/whatever the hell they are, trying to get Into the room theyre already in? and wouldnt they have to climb back up to get the the room? and would the elf guy push eshita into the frappe as well? Thank you, your comment has been crushed under the collossus foot of common sense

      • HVEgleRunner

        hey thats mean

      • david

        This chain of logic is kind of fail, except for the (not perfectly logical) speculation about elfguy’s potential actions. Your comment, I’m afraid, has been crushed under the colossal foot of peer review.

      • Uhl

        Dude, not the room they’re IN NOW, but the one Laz and Eshita CAME FROM, you know, with the giant swirling FANS! Guess your “common sense” is seriously lacking observational skills.

      • Dani

        Please excuse my interjection, but what the hell’s a “frappe”? Sounds like something from Starbucks.

  7. Crestlinger

    Bugger shotguns, lead the zombie horde back to that trap and then investigate the area after it deals with them

    • Uhl

      Exactly what I said, but fangrider (apparently) misunderstood. Perhaps deliberately?

  8. silverblob5

    Zombies…..why’d it have to be zombies?

  9. Tyr

    Anyone up for some L4D2?

  10. BiblioMatsuri

    So urban legends and movie monsters count too? Seriously though, undead pop up in just about any mythology and/or folklore there is. There’s just something universally creepy about something that looks like a person and should be dead, but isn’t either one.

    • david

      Definitely! I’m sure we’ll learn more about these particular undead soon.

      • Blaze

        Backstories for the undead :o?! Nooo… I won’t let you (shakes fist) there that should stop you :3

  11. grimm

    I always found the idea of zombies being hard to deal with funny. THEY ARE ZOMBIES! No working brains, bearly working limbs, hell hold a stick in front of you and the zombie will stand there desperatly trying to get to you despite the stick in its way. I mean, christ, THE’RE ZOMBIES. Rats would be harder to deal with. P.S. If this goes against your beliefe then I am sorry I didn’t mean to offend.

    • Rogue

      the fact they have great strength spoils that

      • Uhl

        Great strength, never get tired, don’t need sleep, and just eat for fun, not nourishment. Yeah, lots of advantages to being undead.

        • Dani

          Except for the whole decomposing thing. And where do you get super strength from? The illusion is given because they don’t feel pain, so just keep going and going and going (etc.), but you’re basically looking at a dessicated corpse. People are alot lighter when their bodily fluids have all dried out. Hells teeth, even Laz could probably pick one up and toss it over his head. The real danger is in the sheer numbers of zombies.

  12. Blaine

    Hey, good luck on yer finals next week mate. Just finished mine myself. Just remember, sleep and beer are the catalysts for good grades!

    • david

      Will definitely keep that in mind! Thanks 🙂

  13. BakaGrappler

    Duah! Eshita’s eyes in panel are full out Kitty Eyes Of Doom! I didn’t know she had it in her.

    Speaking of which, I know the April Fools day was a gag, but I sometimes wish Laz would end up getting a Lion-o. Laz and Eshita seem like they would be a productive couple if Laz wasn’t an annoying 13 year old boy. But that will never happen because that’s pretty much Laz’s character. 😛

    On a side note: Laz is off investigating the suspicious relics instead of trying to kill stuff. Somehow I think that will be eminently productive.

  14. silverblob5

    Fire is the obvious solution, even more than usual. Zombies burn well.

    • ShatteredMirror

      not as shown in Nazi Zombies, i love the flamethrower but get overrun or burn my comrades

  15. MadMann135

    Everyone thinks a Zombie apocalypse is coming, when (if) it does come shotguns will be a hot seller.
    I prefer explosives…

  16. banjo2E

    Ironically, this is the point where I’d look for a katana.

    Or a golf club.

  17. Anime fan

    Must be an important relic if there’s a zombie security system.

  18. moonpace

    sorry i have not said whad up in a while i just had to have my computer fixed (was the hard drive) and i couldnt remember the doman name

  19. Miri

    HAHAHAHHA Way to go Laz… You sound like my best friend ^^

    Anyway, I really doubt those are the kind of zombies you see in modern horror movies; this is Hindu-mythos-land, not World War Z.

    • David

      Although zombies show up in india in that book 🙂 makes me want to read it again…

      • Uhl

        And China, and North Korea simply disappears. Good book that one.

        • Dani

          Hah! I love that book. Discovery Channel did a documentary on zombies recently, and Max Brooks was interviewed as an author/zombie expert. I hear they’re also making the book into a mockumentary.

  20. ShatteredMirror

    i prefer the raygun to the shotgun… quick throw a monkey bomb

  21. mokon

    i just hope they dont start dancing

  22. EveryZig

    I find it strange that these zombies look human rather than Rakasha (no signs of ears, claws, or tails). Did the Rakashas use someone else’s dead as minions, or what?

  23. Nemai

    Heh, awesome comic, been loving it since I found it, especially Laz. I feel I must add my two-cents in though, just because the zombies made me talk. lol The shovel is the ultimate zombie apocalypse tool. You can sharpen an edge, use it to pry things open (if the cracks big enough for the shovel to fit), bury your deader zombies so their smell doesn’t kill you and use the handle to keep things at bay too, and, on the offchance it gets really cold and you have some flamey thing, you could use the handle as firewood… Plus, unless you do that last, you don’t need to reload a shovel. 😛

    That’s just my opinion, I also have to say that I just love how they’re all repeating Eshita. It’s a lovely effect. 😀

    • Anime fan

      I dispute the shovel opinion but respect your vision of in-depth use of gardening tools. I get the feeling she saw this coming and knew they might say something like that, after all her expresion is more, “DAMMIT!” than the elf’s WTF! face

      • Nemai

        Lol and I respect your disputing. I have to say, I also like the elf’s WTF! face. It’s funny. But Laz’s face is absolutely priceless. 🙂

  24. ChaoticBlues

    Yeah! It’s the Zombie Apocalypse time!

  25. Deril

    kill all motherfukers no?
    sssssss i hear a wicht lights off

  26. Anime fan

    Your a demon kid, you don’t need a shotgun. Slice ’em up with your claws, light their rags on fire, WHO CARES!?

  27. SkitZ

    …David… quick question… are these necromantic, voodoo, or plague zombies…I’m trying to figure out how screwed “Laz” is.

    • Onasaki

      To me, they look to be voodoo zombies. Though, Necromantic is a possibility.

      • Drakmat

        Necromantic zombies are completely brainless, so my guess is Revived Voodoo zombies.

        • Raquel

          i would like to be a extra in your film im 40yrs old from glasgow and im wnlilig to travel im 5ft8 medium build and i have being on taggart,river city and garrows law as an extra, i enjoy meeting people and look forward to hearing from you

  28. That guy

    I really shouldn’t but….. My friends call me coach!!1!!

  29. eriendil

    Ewww, zombies…..give ’em back thier sword already so they’ll go away…..

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