Page One Hundred Fifty Two: Get to Quarentine!

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  1. Renadt


  2. approvedjunk

    You know, Laz is gunna have one hell of a ‘What I Did Over Winter Break’ story to write when he gets back. And we finally know Gem’s name! (though I’m still gunna call you Gem. It’s grown on me) Also what is Laz looking at as the door closes?

    • Miri

      Oh HELL yeah! I can just imagine him writing this whole thing down, too, just to “freak the mundanes” as it were.

      ….as far as we know, YOU might be laz updating from your travels on some interdimensional device and the cause of all of this horrible weather and all the “End is Nigh” predictions.

      • Miri

        Well, David, I mean, not you-who-I’m-replying-to.

  3. Lazy J

    simple he’s looking back at the peusdo zombies lol

    really love this comic keep up the great work

  4. Anime fan

    Laz’s eyes are cool, and creepy.

    • Miri

      …is it just me, or are they glowing more in that last panel than anywhere else in the comic?

  5. LP

    He wasn’t that fast. He just used the hook shot.

    • Miri

      If this were Facebook I’d Like your comment!

  6. Dooomba

    hehe glowing red eyes

  7. Link

    I started this series an hour ago and just finished all the published. I love the series and am inspired tenfold by the Zelda reference. Keep up the good work.

  8. Link

    BTW it’s not me trying to be clever for this situation, I actually do go by Link.

  9. DH

    I love it when Zelda references pop up in things I’m reading
    I also love this story a lot
    Because it’s so darn amazing

  10. BakaGrappler

    We all knew it was inevitable. Laz is going to savage the grizzled elf with video game references he knows nothing about.

    I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

  11. Miri

    ….is it wrong that I now want to go play Legend of Zelda and name Link “Caleb” instead?

  12. Thatoneguy

    Get to the safe house!

  13. Horhar

    I was thinking he was going to do something like get a paper cut, then make the elf guy heal it. Because we all know, all elves can heal! Btw, I just know thats a safe house they are going in.

  14. Onasaki

    Ha. Laz called him Link. That should be a running thing.

  15. silverblob5

    Hey! Listen!

    • Ogre

      “NOOO! I THOUGHT I SWATTED THAT THING BEFORE MAJORA’S MASK!” *Grabs the Golden Hammer of Bug Squashing +7*

  16. mechanicalProfessor

    Loving the comic so far, it’s a nice change from homestuck and girl genius. I like the mythology theme thing, very well researched.
    I love your interpretation of quetzalcoatli!

  17. narsaksas

    Very nice comic. 🙂 Can’t wait for the next update! You’ve got yourself a new fan. \(^.^)/

  18. mokon

    oh no navis missing

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