Page One Hundred Fifty Three: Lost in the Woods

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  1. Renadt

    Indeed, but here is where Lilith plays the team against itself.

  2. Abeo

    Lilith looks different, better.

  3. Uhl

    Uh, oh. So we’re going to have “Lord of the flies” meet “The walking dead” with Poor lil Laz caught in the middle, again.

  4. LP

    Feathers are used to cast slow-fall, right?

    • The Polterguest

      if you’re talking about the spell from DnD, then it’s called featherfall but yes…if you’re not talking about that, then i got nothin’

      • Sal

        Nah, its a mage spell from WoW.

  5. Eilios

    That was totally uncalled for, Adramelech!

  6. Anime fan

    Fear, respect, in the end it all comes down to who can pull the plug on society the fastest.

  7. approvedjunk

    Yay for learning where those two stood. And also..Beelzey…I know you’re really powerful, but a little hygiene wouldn’t kill you. That spider has AT LEAST three webs on your back and looks like it’s going to make another.

    • reynard61

      Maybe it keeps the flies away? (And besides, why deny it a good home?)

      • approvedjunk

        Minus the one that’s on his head? And you would think that it would burn up from the heat…maybe it’s a servant of his?

  8. Marscaleb

    I… don’t see the relevance of this conversation she is having.

    But I do see some awesome backgrounds. Amazing work!

    • Goldenkitten

      Ummm…relevance being that she’s throwing cogs into motion to either get people not so devoted on her side, or at leask sparking unrest in their hearts so they might be a distraction from her.

  9. Marscaleb

    Also, is Lil’ wearing a new outfit?

  10. Miri

    Heehee, they think Mister Crowley brought him!

    And I really LOVE Lil’s outfit.

    The old feather-pluck… she’s not very nice sometimes, but she’s a great character.

  11. eriendil

    OOOWWW! Hey, don’t pluck the feathers, that’ll get you either a pinch on your shapely hind end or a knot in yer tail!

  12. eriendil

    Oh, Hey… just noticed that Ms. Devil has a sexy change of clothing. Maybe portal jumping does that (I hope) hee hee…..

  13. silverblob5

    Nobody seems to be considering the feather….a feather stolen from an ancient sun god has to have -some- use to a conniving demon with a penchant for alchemy, no?

    • eriendil

      Y’know, that’s a good point. She could be planning on making voo-doo like dolls to control them, that feather doesn’t go with her outfit, for sure. I wonder what she’ll yank off the other two.

      • The Polterguest

        horn, and chunk of magma-darkness-stuff…by the way eriendil, nice job on getting a new avatar, and (i used to go as either ragnarokk77 and volfen7 on this comments page) i’m pretty sure i still owe you a mouse…i can send it by mail, e-mail, or pretty much any other unconventional way of transporting animals

  14. Lan M.

    Hey just letting you know I’ve read every page in under an hour so far and I must admit you’re grabbed my interest. I wish to read more of this if you’d update slightly more frequently. I mean seriously this is some good stuff almost like… Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker’s Guide fame to me! – L. Mikoto

    • Ogre

      Lan, this was covered in an earlier comic; the author is taking his sweet ol’ time to make sure every page is top-notch and beautiful. The author felt that mass-producing pages of lesser quality wasn’t good enough so decided for that age-old adage; quality over quantity, and I have to say, it’s definitely the way to go.

      @silverblob5 Other than annoying the sun god and grabbing his attention, unless it contains a portion of his power, I can’t foresee how it can be used. (Meaning that you have a good point, especially if it has a portion of his power)

      @eriendil Curious though, that; even though ‘voodoo dolls’ aren’t really a part of voodoo itself (or the traditional version thereof), would such an item work on a god?

  15. Onasaki

    It me, or are these page titles starting to reference Zelda? XD It’s probably just me.

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