Page One Hundred Fifty Seven: Dungeon Dialogue

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  1. Renadt

    Yes, let’s talk nonchalantly about our pasts while death stares us straight in the face! Made me crack up.

  2. Onasaki


  3. Crestlinger

    Hmm don’t those mashers usually retract? I wouldn’t be sitting there.

    • Hyratel

      I don’t think that’s a masher, just a fancy-tiled column. but if it is a masher, then the mechanism is hosed, because it hasn’t moved in the entire time they’ve been navigating around it

  4. Miri

    Sometimes, you have to read the dialogue with the scenery.

    Other times, you read the dialogue, then double-take at the scenery and start laughing your ass off πŸ˜€

  5. Nurrah

    I’m impressed with your use of Sanskrit. Also enjoying the comic πŸ™‚

  6. Eilios

    I like the usage of video game environments in this panel!

  7. someone

    Just a little tip: since the panels are read from left to right, the “movement” also goes rightwards. The fourth panel caused me to stop and reread the previous three because I went with the assumption that they had just crossed the spiky pit and Laz was lagging behind on the third; then the fourth told me it was the other way around.

    It’s a lesson I learned from HergΓ© (Tintin’s creator). Whenever the focus character is progressing, he (or she) is moving towards the right. When shown moving towards the left, it’s because they meet in that panel an obstacle that forces them to stop.

    And obviously in manga or other comics that are read from right to left; you’d have to mirror that.

    • scantron

      um… no… you got that wrong, the movement is from the right side of the screen in panel 2 going towards the left side of the screen in panel 4, because the rope that Laz is hanging on gets cut in panel 4 causing the Not-Zombies ™ to fall into the spiked trap with all three of them on the left side, while in panel 3 they are further to the right and the rope is still intact…therefore they are moving further to the left side of the screen.

    • Eagle0600

      No, see, they DID cross from left to right, then the Not-Zombies make them turn around. So it follows the rules you just outlined.

  8. Keith

    tomb raider, I feel so…geriatric. Oh well astroids atari 2600 was better anyway.

  9. sfreader

    With all those bums back there, retreat was never an option anyway…SLASH! I like the way the kid chose max-safety, minimum-style method of traversing rope…. he must not be fully accustomed to the tail yet, since he didn’t use it as an additional grip point … or is it not monkey flexible?

  10. Dronster

    I absolutely love the art style on this page πŸ˜€

  11. ky kiska

    for some resaon looking at the zombie in last panel all i can hear in my head is old atari pitfall robe swing yell sound XD

  12. mokon

    and people said video games dont teach you anything

  13. silverblob5

    Just don’t let them grab onto you, the results are embarassing for everyone involved.

  14. eriendil

    Dang zombies or whatever they are are sure persistent. So we find out a little more of why Eshita won’t hook up with Rohit, other than the fact he can’t take her, must be a real ego-buster for him…

  15. MrTT

    Very nice lampshading there.

  16. Silverwolf

    It’s “Limbo,” but in color.

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