Page One Hundred Fifty One: What Do You Mean They Aren’t Zombies

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  1. Eagle0600

    I always heartily look forward to the next Underling page each week. Keep up the good work :D.

    • David

      Thanks! Now that summer’s here, I’ll try to deliver 🙂

  2. Abeo

    Classic adventuring scenario. In the presence of a mutual threat, all PC characters form long-lasting adventuring parties.

    • TxGator

      I suspect that they aren’t party yet. I think the elf spotted another way out and just doesn’t want them following!

      • David

        I hope they do a better job of sticking together and not killing each other than most of my DnD groups do!

  3. Thoth

    And the instant alliance is concluded – although I’d have expected a followup line about “and then pull me up!”.

  4. Keith

    this seems familiar…oh crap, dwaven warrior, orc horde. WTF! I seem to always be the one to “hold them” back! ARRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Why wont some of you idiots volunteer before me!!!!

    • David

      See, this is why I try to pack a druid into every group.

      Sorry, mister summoned dire badger. Your sacrifice will be remembered.

  5. Onasaki

    We need a dwarf.. or does Laz suffice? I’d think he’s more a Tiefling then anything else, at this point. XD

    • Fragged42

      Seeing how hes nearly useless in combat I think he is the equivilent of a hobbit in this little epoch, thought Tiefling is accurate. now whe just need a Mage and a priest. Laz is definately a thief class

      • David

        This group definitely needs a dedicated healer.

  6. kevin

    Sup! Just got off work cause of rain! Good thing too! So who is the dungeon master?

  7. Miri

    LOL, I love this page. “Zombies can’t climb, right?”

    “I told you they’re NOT ZOMBIES!”

    “Whatevs. RUN!” …. “…..shit. WE’RE GOING THE WRONGW WAY!”

    Heehee, I’m guessing the elf’s going to come and get them on the right path and become the reluctant rial character? Eshi’s the tough-as-nails girl, and… well, Laz is the smart-ass hero. Not the hothead hero, but the smart-ass hero.

    So I wonder if he counts as the mascot, too?

    • HVEgleRunner

      of course hes the maskot he’s the friking antichrist for god sakes

  8. Anime fan

    Maybe thats were the ancient relic is that neutralizes the F***IN MOB OF CORPSES!!

  9. Kitsunehero

    So if these aren’t zombies, there must be actual zombies somewhere. Would they be the “Plague of Undeath” kind or the “Individually Raised” kind? Also, always glad to see a new page.

  10. Obiani

    Gotta find the Big Key first.

    • LP

      God damn water temples.

      • HVEgleRunner

        hey I always loved the water temple they always had fewer and esyer to avoid enemys and fun puzles to solve not to menchion few dangerous obsticle

  11. Moof


    That is all.

  12. eriendil

    Not zombies….but driven mad by greed. They’re either Republicans from congress or the gang from ENRON ooo, I know, they were all fired by Donald Trunp!

  13. Spike

    Started this comic a day a go. It’s absolutly amazing.

    • eriendil

      HEEHEE… wait till you get to the SPORTCH! page.

  14. mokon

    i knew the elve dude wasnt evil

  15. HVEgleRunner


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