Page One Hundred Fifty Nine: Get Off My Lawn

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  1. Renadt

    Thought as much. The gods be intervening.

    • Renadt

      Also, FIRST!

      • eriendil

        Who cares?

        • Renadt

          I do, who else? At least allow me that much.

        • Renadt

          And also, at least reply to my [i]actual[/i] first comment.

      • eriendil


  2. Eagle0600

    Wrong old man. Meddlesome Quetzal :P.

    • David

      Can’t leave these gods alone in a room for five minutes before they start scheming.

  3. Maju

    Yay! Another Lilitu that gets a name: Nuibi, cool! 🙂

    The seem old acquaintances.

  4. eriendil

    Uh OH… talk about one of those oh, s**t moments. If theres anything beyond being pissed, big sis is gonna be it!

    • David

      Lilith pissed has gotta be a site worth seeing 😀

  5. LP


    • Deyran

      Wait, wasn’t Utanpishtim one of the ancient Persian/ Mesopotamian kings? From what I gather this could be one of the higher mesopotamian gods… I guess it’s either Anu, the god of the sky or Dumuzi, god of vegetation…. Dunno what would better fit this guys appearance of the nasty old guy….

      • LP

        Actually, Utnapishtim *was* an ancient Babylonian king sort of. He’s also Noah. And one of only two humans to attain immortality (that I recall) in the Babylonian mythology. And he was a farmer.

        … Though he did live on an island in the middle of deadly waters with his wife, so maybe it’s not him. I just think he fits with the Babylonian thing going on with the Lilitu and the silly god hat he’s wearing. And that she calls him “old man”.

  6. Deyran

    Ok, for the record: shit is intensively hitting the fan right now…..
    I sure like the name of that Lilitu…. ‘Nuibi’, has a really nice ring to it, but when you think of it, they all have different colours, and if all lilitu represent different scourges or plagues, what would a green lilitu stand for? Plague? Famine? Dunno….
    Awesome page, tho =D

    • silverblob5

      Pestilence, maybe? The natural enemy of a farming deity?

  7. Topazert

    HAHAHAHA!!! Nuibi’s face in panels 6 and 7 crack me up, what an aunt laz has.

    • David

      If I could make this entire comic a series of ridiculous reaction shots I would.

      • Topazert

        I think I know why the old guy does not her.
        Old man-Go away you evil thing!
        Nuibi-What? Are you still sore about last time?
        Old man-You ate all my goats!!!!>:(
        Nuibi-I said I was sorry:(
        Old man-Well sorry don’t get me my morning goat milk now does it!!!>:{

  8. Anime fan

    Nuibi’s face in the second-to-last panel is hilarious.

  9. Crestlinger

    Interesting parallel: Laz is hunting for a sword and Nuibi is about to be verbally skewered by one.

  10. Onasaki

    Do you think you’ll ever do a tutorial? I really like your style, and would enjoy to integrate some of it into my own style. When I have one.. sorta still trying to learn to draw period.

    • eriendil

      That would be great, would,nt it? Our web studio likes his background softening effet and the shading technique that gives the characters a 3-d look, really awesome. Rendering technique like this is a natural talent, kudoes to Dave.

  11. eriendil

    I still wonder how Quetz knew Laz was coming, and who told him he was an ‘angry little demon child’, something Lilith (mom) whould have said. Quetz gave Laz himself as the Quetzalcodex to Laz , giving him a real advantage of knowledge, if he remembers to use it. Maybe Lilith is deceiving her own sisters to help cover his tracks This old guy Nuibi is talking to doesn’t have a clue, she thought he did. Also, Quetz was actively looking for Laz , talking to the multi armed snake god and searching him out in his own realm. When he found him, he told Laz that their meeting up was no accident…..

  12. Vadelent

    I said it once before and I am here to say it again… There is no situation so dire that the intervention of the gods cannot make it worse

  13. mokon

    she is screwed

  14. Uhl

    It might be the fact that Laz passed through the elephant god’s portal that clued in old Quetz. The elephant god did say “WE will be watching.”

  15. Satrinity

    Ooooh, I think I see what’s going on here. I think. Then again, Uhl made a pretty good point… maybe I’m just being pessimistic and seeing the darker possible plot twists before the more likely ones… again…

  16. Keith

    Oh dear, seems somebodies pawn got hijacked…

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