Page One Hundred Fifty Four: Back on Track

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  1. silverblob5

    Did she use Adramelech’s feather for that?

  2. Lazy J

    thats a good question but i dont believe so if you look closlely at the 2nd to last panel you can see a feather in the tree and just below her pointing hand its kinda hard to see cause it almost blends in with the bush

    • David

      I brushed up the panel a bit! I was hearing that the last couple panels were too dark to make it out well on some monitors.

  3. Anime fan

    I thought crow boy was dead, and if the bid thing is the Mouth of Satan. Does that mean He can speak through him?

    • Anime fan

      *and if the big thing

      • David

        Well, the crow guy is pretty dead! The mystery of the feathers is one that will be solved in time =)

      • eriendil

        i kinda think Mr. Crowley is still there as a ‘floaty bird thing’, that folloed the crowd through the portal and is after Laz, too.

  4. SweetSylvia

    I have to say, this comic just keeps getting better. I’m looking forward to the next update, I almost live for Fridays now.

  5. BiblioMatsuri

    Panel 2: Nice sunlight effect!

  6. silverblob5

    At least now we know that there’s an actual plot-related reason for the costume changes.

  7. SkitZ

    Following a trail of bits and pieces is always a bad idea… gets you eaten by the horrors of the forest.

  8. mokon

    trying to get that bird thing on her side sneaky

  9. eriendil

    Boy, if the Devil is counting on these guys to bring about the end of days, he made some bad hiring decisions…

    • silverblob5

      His last round of new hires was the cultists, and that went so very well…..

  10. Miri

    Oh come on! Does nobody remember the Lilitu doing “Cleanup” and looking very speculatively at the pileof feathers left behind? And Lilith is the one who ‘just happens’ to find the FEATHERS that they’re following?

    It’s so blindingly obvious I was totally clueless until I was telling someone about it and I realized what was going on.

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