Page One Hundred Fifty Five: I’m Attacking the Darkness

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  1. Thoth

    That is an interesting point; in a world where most people are mythic figures, how much does “have a child” come into increasing the population? Laz is presumably a special case, but do the various mythic races have children? Or only the generic specimens, while most of the major groups are trapped in their own mythologies?

    • SweetSylvia

      That’s an interesting question. I wonder…

    • Eagle0600

      Even the gods had heir children and families. The methods for getting these children were often rather odd (and just as often completely normal), but they had children.

      • Thoth

        Yes – but did they have a child, and then introduce the worship of that child, or did a myth arise and create a child for them whether they liked it or not? Can they have both children-by-myth and children-by-personal-relations?

  2. Anime fan

    I love the desighn of his spear ^-^. Also, ok pal. Whos the cat in your family?

  3. Drakkon

    Oh? We’ve reached a point where Lazarus has confirmed that Eshita is his friend. And Eshita is threatening to skewer him, so I’m going to assume it’s true.

    • scantron

      no, i think you’re reading that wrong, Eshita is threatening to skewer Caleb not Lazarus. and the real question( hopefully soon to be answered) is “oh?, and what Birthright would that be?!”

  4. treos

    read through the comic earlier and… lazarus is a cute demon

  5. silverblob5

    Clearly he has a right to these artifacts, as a member of the Pointy-Ear Clan. Just like Eshita and Lazarus.

    • Uhl

      Actually, in this case, Eshita DOES have a right to be here since this tomb IS owned by the Rakasha. (Or so the Rakasha claim.) Caleb seems to say he has a birthright to loot ALL tombs. Is he saying he’s from the grave robber caste of the Elves?

  6. Phenoca

    You attack the Darkness… There’s and ELF in front!

  7. Uhl

    I’m wondering, how did they get away from the mummies?

    • silverblob5

      Caleb sealed the door behind them.

  8. mokon

    new word for grave robbing archaeology

    • silverblob5

      Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

  9. Eilios

    2nd panel…. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

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