Page One Hundred Fifty Eight: Lilitoo!

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  1. eriendil

    HEHE, that’s clever, running the goobers from hell around by the horns. She’d better bug out fast when they finnaly catch on Maybe the freen one will get to eat, and maybe we can find out her’s and gray’s names? That would be cool…

    • David

      All these things are definitely possibilities 😀

  2. silverblob5

    Uhhh….looks like Laz maybe ended up meeting the wrong ‘old man’?

    • eriendil

      Hmmm, maybe… but Quetz did say that Laz was described to him as an “angry little demon child” , so he was expecting L az to show up. The plot thickens……

      • Renadt

        Might have been the God that he met as he was entering the portals that described Laz to Quetz.

  3. mokon

    her big sister’s going to be so pissed

  4. HVEgleRunner

    ah oh

    • David

      Indeed. Also oh hay Spinarette icon!

      • HVEgleRunner

        yes MM to be prosice

  5. Rocket Turtle

    “Its always so fun to watch one of Big Sis’s perfect plans play out”

    You’d figure a spirit that brings disaster and that hangs around with the forces of Hell would know better than to say things like that. Its right up there with ‘What could possibly go wrong?’

    • Rocket Turtle

      Which reminds me! If we’re dealing with anthropomorphic personifications, when do we meet Murphy, of Murphy’s Law?

      • Uhl

        Soon, very soon. Possibly holding the missing sword from the Raksha temple.

      • Keith

        shortly before we meet Murph’s older brother Finnegan “Murphy was an optomist”.

        • silverblob5

          They’ve been hanging out with Occam and his razor.

  6. Mayleef

    Awww, I just’t can’t help it, these lilitu have my heart. This ultimate cuteness. Every page with them makes my day.

  7. TWOOD

    LOL maby the should of told him what to do after all lol

  8. Topazert

    The green one looks so cute…..Shame she’d turn me into a bone pile in less than a second……

  9. kevin

    Ah yes. As a perfect plan plays out. Too bad everyone forgot that the more complicated a plan is, the quicker it goes wrong. You would think a timeless being would know that…

  10. zebbythezombie

    Aaaah..Lilitu soo cute! i just want to pet them, and squeeze them, and call them George.

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