Page One Hundred Fifteen: Change of Scenery

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  1. Elithril

    That rather looks like Eden. Although, being a D&D geek, when I hear someone say “Prime” I automatically think it’s an Earth-like plane of existence; possibly one of many.

    • Bel

      just had a flash back to planescape

  2. approvedjunk

    That’s such a pretty place, but it was also said that it was dangerous. Just goes to show that just because something looks to be nice doesn’t mean it is. Take the lilithu as an example if you can’t understand what I mean.

    • David

      Mother nature has this funny habit of relating ‘beauty’ and ‘DEADLY POISON! SERRATED DEATH FANGS!’.

      • Korfakiz

        Those death fangs ARE beauty, though.

      • Warriorking4ver

        Ya mean like the lovely sets of pearly whites those Lilitu are sporting? CHOMP CHOMP >8D

  3. Draconis Noir

    Whilst I can see the Eden-like influences in this ‘garden’, for some reason I am thinking more of the Jungle from Jumanjii.

    • Karadan

      Yeah, that was kind of my thought. Looked more like a jungle than anything else to me at first. And while some people claim jungles are beautiful and all, I can only think about the various dangers and all those survival shows I’ve seen where they go on and on about all the dangerous animals, plants, diseases and such.

    • David

      I guess Laz is going to have to hope someone rolls a 5 or 8 here soon!

  4. Draconis Noir

    Oh, and I abslutely love the third panel.
    Laz’s face; Oh, welll, er, when you put it like that…. Suddenly I’m not so hungry anymore…..

  5. Crestlinger

    Next scene through the portal is that tree with the flowers eats the butterfly that turns out to be as large as it up close

  6. LP

    Megatron says, “PRIIIIMMMMEEEE!”

    • ASP


  7. Uhl

    Yeah, jungles are beautiful, from a distance. Inside them is all sorts of dangers. Doesn’t help to be male in the Amazon (especially the river.)

    • David

      Oh, those things only latch onto your urethra with barbed hooks on extremely rare occasion! Don’t worry.

    • Magus655

      If you think thats bad theres a I african creature that if you piss in the water it goes straight to where that.piss came from… Goes through the hole and gets inside you. If your lucky it goes to your leg and theres a way to cut it out from there without having to cut your dong off.

      We were talking about it in my World history class recently cant remember the name of it….

      • Valahuir

        Horrable little fish that, although I think that may be what they are talking about.

        Added bonus, unless you have urinated recently being submerged in water actualy causes you to urinate slightly, this is also why swimming pool water causes your eyes t osting, its the urine reacting with the chlorine.

        Horrable though eh?

        Related to the comic however, I find the consept of going to a lucacrously dangerous place ‘for your own good’ quite amusing. 😀

        • Korfakiz

          The irony, huh?

  8. eriendil

    I think that first wallpaper wiyh Laz sitting under a tree next to a nest of gryphons is a good preview of what to expect…

  9. kisame

    is the lilithu the daughters of lilith? if so, they should be called lilim, not lilithu, and this comic starts looking more and more like good omens

    • An'ah

      i don’t think so because they keep calling lilith “sister” the lilitu are nature beings so they seem to embody a certain element which would make sense if lilith was a fire lilitu and the others were sending Laz to a mother nature planet

  10. Marscaleb

    At least they’re being straight-up with him.

  11. silverblob5

    I watched the newest Predator movie just before reading this. All I can think is: best crossover ever?

    • Draconis Noir

      And because they’re not technically men, the Lilitu have to kill them the old fashioned way…. Brilliant!

  12. Supertwitfan

    Oooh… rainforests…

    *remembers Star Wars roleplay and Fulicia* *Shivers*

    Ooooh… rainforests…

  13. Ceysth

    I agree that “Prime” is most likely in reference to what could be the Garden of Eden, or some type of plane-scape in which all other material and spiritual planes would be based from. Aka. The Original, The Collective Subconscious, The Lifestream, whatever you wanna call it.

    Though I dunno what Lexie, Lea, Lammy , and Jenny are going to do once Laz enters the portal. If the Prime really is as dangerous as they say it is…then they’re throwing him in there with no escort. I’m hoping they tag along. I’m a fan of those four.

    Yeah…I named them after famous female spirits that preyed on men in some shape or form. Thelxiepeia (The blue-gray one/Lexie), Leanansidhe (The pink one/Lea), Lamashtu (The brown one/Lammy), and Jenny Greenteeth (The green one). Makes it easier than calling ’em by their colors, and it adds alliteration to most of them (L starting names for the Lilitu, just like Lillith)…except for Jenny because she’s special like that.

    I’d rank ’em as follows: Lexie, Jenny, Lea, then Lammy. Though we haven’t seen much from Lammy and Lea just yet.

  14. twichyfan

    When ever I hear the Lilitu comment on how dangerous something is it makes me giggle. There so adorably deadly

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