Page One Hundred Eleven: Splortch!

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  1. Lord Shevrash

    Is that a cloud of blood in the last panel there?
    i guess Crowley got owned. shame, i was hoping he’d be a recurring character.
    this is too cute for me to be mad at though!
    adorable demon chicks….
    eating my face…

  2. Karadan

    Somehow I don’t think a bottle of medicine or anything like that would have helped him out of that one.

    I think the purple haired one is my favorite….

  3. DragonForLife

    darn you explicit content warning! but hte demon chicks are so cute that i can live with it.

  4. Stripes

    The little lilitu are awesome! But I wanted to see what they did to him.Darn you tiny green lilitu!

  5. Darkdrake

    gratz on the 1 year mark

  6. Uhl

    Drain the life force of men? I thought that was Succubus like Morgana la Faye (Darkstalkers).

    • holden

      susccubus are demons who seduce men into selling there sols

      • jman

        But I like my shoes!

  7. Sarazu

    they do but Lilitu can do it directly I think, succubi can only do it through sex….

  8. omgwtfpirates



    I liked Crowley. DDD:

    • SkitZ

      I know… me too… :'( the series of tubes has mortally wounded (he can’t be dead…yet) Mr. Crowley… lets just hope a band-aid will fix that massive cloud of gore that was forcibly removed. I got it maybe he’ll come back as the undead… or a demon… or a zombie demon pirate ghost… Awesome!!!

      • holden

        how dare you forget ninja in that title

        • SkitZ

          you need to return to monkey island…

    • omgwtfninjas

      Don’t worry, the cultists are easily spooked, but they always return in greater numbers.

  9. flibble

    I’m a bit sceptical about crowley just getting wiped out like that, but we shall have to see… Oh and happy birthday and hope the next year is just as good… no, even better!

  10. netherstone

    I just finished re-looking at panels two and four and the green lilitu is not hiding the gore from us, just from lazarus. We just happen to be seeing from his point of view at this time… it was the muffin bit that made me look back and check

    • Karadan

      Yep, that’s what I figured too, though more from the muffin comment and because there has to be some reason that she didn’t break the 4th wall than actually looking at the panels. You’re right though, if you look at 2 and 4 it is very easy to see that she is shielding Laz.

  11. holden

    You know that can be taken in a entirly difforent direction.

  12. MadMann135

    I would rather have my life force sucked out by a succubus than a Lilitu. Least with a succubus you get to (bad pun warning) ‘go out with a bang.’ Looks like the Lilitu tore him limb from limb.

  13. approvedjunk

    Oh poor Crowley, I know you were kinda one of the bad guys, but you looked genuinely scared there. Your ‘oh shyt’ face made me feel so sorry for you. Though I do love how the green lilitu turned around and decided to shield Laz and the rest of us from what the rest were doing. And on a final note, congrats on Underling being a year old. (And in my opinion the cast is just fine the way they are, no revamping is necessary.)

    • David

      Aw thanks~

      I was talking about the cast and about pages on the site, though. Have more characters, more recent pictures, better descriptions to put up! Got the pictures up need to get the rest in now XD

  14. Disconnected

    You know that last panel would make a great warning for a comic rated for violence.

  15. Miri

    This is soooo adorable! The last panel, I mean. Her big mischief killing-people grin.

    Update soon! UPDAAAAAAAAATE!!!!!

  16. Anime fan

    NOOOOOO! I’ve wanted to see that for a while.

  17. Supertwitfan

    I like the blue one the best. The pink one scores second and the green scores third… and the brown one scores fourth and I am in no way shape or form racist.

    Oh I hope crowley looks like an alien from deadspace when they are finished.

  18. TheDeepDark

    That last panel face is UTTER WIN. I want

  19. Crestlinger

    Didn’t know they could cast Megid. (Phantasy Star 4’s description) Ah well, they certainly have the evil grins down pat

  20. SkitZ

    What is the green lilitu looking at in frame 4?

    • Supertwitfan


      • SkitZ

        …ohhhhhhh… other pplz comments make more sense now…

        • Supertwitfan

          lol ya, pay attention to little details in this comic. David is really good at little easter eggs and nifty things that can be overlooked.

  21. xarin

    They look just like sharks circling their prey in the 4th panel. Which is awesome

  22. Dude

    Guess the guy got shafted by Karma.

    I don’t know. He could be back at some point, although that is admitably unlikely.

  23. EveryZig

    The lelitu remind me of tiny Jagermonsters,

  24. Wyvvs

    In my attempt to find ways Crowley can survive, I have “decided” that his whole attack goes straight through and I reform myself ability is simply altering his physical form however he wills. Locking on to “life force of men”, he turned himself into a women when they went to attack him, saving him from death.

    Also, the trees are epileptic.

  25. Bel

    lols for the green one looking out for the little ones in the viewing gallery.

  26. Magus655

    I still think their adorable. Its Crowely’s fault for being such a arrogant mean old man to them. I mean they wouldnt drain men who they like would they?

    • Gamesghost

      maybe… it depends on if they are really wanting it

  27. Graverthas

    Fuck your explicit content! Get out of the way! I want to see my gore of the week! Fine, ill just settle for saw 2 when i rent it this weekend. Anyway, damn… i was hoping that mr. crowley would be the character obessed with power and not caring what satan does or what happens to Laz.

  28. silverblob5

    Well, he could always return as a spirit, I suppose, what with this plane being filled with ‘lost souls’…..
    Somehow I doubt that he’ll be more powerful than we could possibly imagine, though.

  29. Draconis Noir

    Awww, noooo! Mr Crowley is a brilliant villain! He can’t die like that! (Then again, I guess it is too risky to have a villain your audience likes almost as much as the main character). But stilll – Crowley deserved to at least die in a much more awesome manner.

  30. taltamir

    well ain’t they the cutest little terrors.

  31. Dooomba

    i like how one of them blocks his view XD

  32. Warriorking4ver

    Dude, the FCC even censors demon feedings! XD

  33. rennat951

    haha i knew it he got pwnd big time

  34. Warriorking4ver

    BTW, i LOVE the colors, expressions, and hairdos of all the Lilitu, hope we get to see them in their fully humanoid adult forms like Lilith (though their ghostly chibi forms are adorable, lol)

  35. GargoyleZoo1

    Evan’s spiked tentacles of forced insertion…

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