Page One Hundred Eighty: Tunnel Vision

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  1. Harrow

    Glad you found the asshole. Too bad you can’t have him arrest ed and get your stuff back too, but I guess he needs to be properly motivated. Laz better get a clue or he’ll face more than just expulsion.

  2. Alphieus

    Pleased you got your wallet back. Maybe this is the wrathful side of me. But once you get everything back from him, you should sign it and hand it in anyway.

    • GargoyleZoo

      I whole-heartedly agree with Alphieus. Drain everything that you can from him and turn him in anyway.

      • bug

        That seems really cruel. Every1 makes stupid and bad choices in life, and second chances are a godsend at those times. Sometimes its the bringing attention to it that matters, not the severity of the punishment. I guess in the end it comes to how remorseful he/she is about it. anyways, Im a strong believer in staying to your word.

      • Dealbreaker

        Honestly, that’d be a fucking stupid thing to do.

        Once fulfilled, a bargain is a bargain. He pays off the debt and so doesn’t get expelled. If you’d then hand in the form anyway, you’d be showing you cannot be bargained with (which is entirely different from showing you cannot be trifled with). In fact, if you do there’s a risk he’ll steal more, not less, because he knows he’ll get shafted twice if caught. Meaning the only way out is to not get caught. You don’t want him there. You want him to stop stealing altogether. And for that, fulfilling his side of the deal must mean you fulfil your side, too.

        On the other hand, don’t forget to add a modest service charge (say, $20/hr for the time spent talking to cops, fixing the damage) to the bill. Nobody said that learning from your mistakes had to be easy. It does have to be doable (so no $200/minute tricks) and also not unreasonable. Tthere must be a way to learn, and there won’t be if supposedly lawful people turn out to be petty, vindicative bastards themselves. There’s a reason wrath is a cardinal sin. It’d make the perp a robin hood in his mind. You don’t want to go there.

        • GargoyleZoo

          Oooooh, I like your idea better. Good point with the “Robin Hood” but wouldn’t a martyr of some kind be more applicable?

          • Dealbreaker

            Well, part of the “criminal mindset” is the belief it’s always somebody else’s fault. Even if obvious, you wouldn’t believe how much they won’t, can’t, simply refuse to believe it’s them that’s responsible for their actions. If you “martyr” them (and look up what that means, really) you reinforce that belief. Not that people like are won’t to see the light in a day, mind, but it doesn’t do to reinforce that belief. Which is what you’d do if you show yourself to be double-dealing.

            You don’t want your message to be “we’re as crooked as you only with the law on our side”. You want’em to see you can make’em dance unless they learn to be responsible instead of stupid. Which is why there must always be a way out in the direction you want’em to go, and it must be doable.

          • Renadt

            Sometimes that doesn’t help. Sometimes they need to go to jail.If they haven’t learned by now, they may never learn period.

          • GargoyleZoo

            True, but I meant “martyr” in the sense of a historical martyr. Rather than seeing himself as a “Robin Hood”, my suggested course of action would make him see himself as a martyr.

        • FerretShock

          I’d’ve taken the fucker in and then taken it out of his hide. But then, I’m Law Enforcement. Watching shitbags get theirs gives me a happy.

          • Norspherato

            i would say just turn him in and then have him pay for what was inside since he was the one too fuck with it, of course this is all about how he was caught like did he comeback and say it was him or did you find if looking through it one day and put 2 +2 together, if its the former then ya be a bit lenient but dont be an ass about it

            BUT if it was the latter then fuck’um he had a chance and he didnt take it, every second he had the wallet he had a chance, dont make his life a living hell but make sure he understands that he fucked up

  3. Renadt

    I noticed the spirit trying to get his attention. I have a feeling, not bad or good, about this.

    Also, glad you got your stuff back, and you should have him arrested and expelled.

  4. Connwaer

    Ah, Lazarus. Being a half demon thingy doesn’t help his ignorance.

  5. Anime fan

    Flashing lights and a feminine figure and he’s trying to figure out a mystery? He has lost the game.

  6. Spikes

    Ah the good old facepalm. It speaks volumes without the need of words.

  7. brontoceratops

    I know Laz is cute an’ all…but why is he being stalked by Spirit-Sperm…?

  8. LP

    At least Laz made his will save versus being pixie-lead by the will o’ the wisps over there. Or is he just too annoyed to be affected? STAY TUNED.

  9. Miri

    Heehee, poor whoever-it-is – I’m guessing it’s the weird trap-fairy we saw a couple pages ago. I’d not wish leading Laz around on my worst enemy.

  10. mokon

    No attention for the poor spirit

  11. BakaGrappler

    Oh man. I think Laz really is getting taller! I don’t think it’s just a one time accident with perspective.

    I know I’m just comparing the location of Laz’s shirt sleeves on his arms, the amount of belt buckle exposed under the V opening of the shirt, and the fact that less of the trouser legs seem to be bunched up around the heel of his shoes at a time (compared to older drawings from Chapter 2), and could easily be explained as a maturing art style instead of growth dynamics… But it’s exciting to think about Laz hitting a magical growth spurt.

    • Hyperion

      Hair looks longer too.

  12. Resone

    wallet returned, execute subject: little shit? Y/N?
    bandwagon, just deal with ’em.

    love the comic by the by~ been watchin sinse forever~

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