Page One Hundred Eighty Two: Following Blindly

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  1. Hyratel

    well….. crap.

  2. Broseph

    I get the feeling he’s gonna be a lot more misogynistic after this.

    • david

      I don’t think he’s having any better luck with the men he knows xD

      • Aslandus

        If he was, this comic would get even wierder

  3. eriendil

    Whoops! You got suckered! I wonder who’s got a hold of you this time…

  4. Hellspawn

    Who narrates?

    • Mattscarp

      I’m going to guess it could be that little girl. After all the wisp did seem to take her shape (albeit a bit older looking) so maybe she sent it to find him?

  5. Connwaer

    Will of the Wisps. I saw this since the last comic. Sort of. I mean, I’ve read about will o’ wisps, so I expected something of the likes. After all, it’s a fricken’ dark spooky forest. You’re not gonna run into chihuahuas.

    • Aslandus

      Nobody can beat the mighty chihuahuas! NOBODY!

  6. Miri

    Presumably, this trap was set up by the trap fairy. But of course, Laz falls for it, ’cause he’s a hero, if a rude, obnoxious one.

  7. Kevin

    At least it isn’t a wispmother trying to tear his face off and throwing icicles at him…

    • david

      Those things are brutal! I don’t think you can even FUS RO DAH them!

      • LP

        IISS SLEN NUS it in the face!

        It didn’t work?

        FEIM ZII GRON! *flee*

  8. Spikes

    I actually feel somewhat sorry for all the beings that are messing with him. Once he figures out his powers they are in for a world of hurt heheh. I mean remember how he reacted when he found out fire didn’t hurt?

  9. Dreadger

    Totaly. He’s gona come down on their heads like a can of napalm.

    • Spikes

      Nah. Remember back in the begining? Thermite baby!

  10. mokon

    Why are floating balls of light always so wise

    • silverblob5

      Because they have become more powerful than we can possibly imagine?

  11. Satrinity

    I’m having Zelda flashbacks for some reason.
    Also, I can’t help but wonder if this is the flytrap girl. I’m not seeing the resemblance that everyone else here is seeing.
    ….. then again, I’m not the most observant person, either…

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