Page One Hundred Eighty Three: Sprung

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  1. Anime fan

    It’s so evil, and yet cute. WTH IS IT!

  2. Q?

    At which point Laz says “You do know I can see in the dark right?”

    I would expect that Given his heritage night vision would be one of his basic abilities.

    • DePriest

      That, or he just lights something on fire again.

      • Lord Detrius

        the more fun option.

        • Aslandus

          Better: set EVERYTHING on fire

  3. eriendil

    I don’t think she/it has playing patty-cake in mind. Geez, those eyes of hers are scary!

  4. Mattscarp

    Called it. Crazy little girl! *Laz startled the Witch!*

    • KDef

      Burn the witch!

      • david

        Molotov out!

        • Blaze67

          Screw the Witch…..I cant be the only one to find her attractive right?

          • Blaze67

            By screw the witch I meant it in a sexual manner by the way.

      • Ayo

        LukeHey Davey another great post like awlyas Just wondering if u r going try some vegemite while u r here down and oz, would love for u to do and flim your reaction, I think it taste great but most non aussies dont like it.. Anyways happy to see u r enjoying your time here . Peace out

  5. LP

    And then she starts spraying colorful bullets in fascinating patterns EVERYWHERE.

    • david

      It’ll be okay though, because Laz’s hitbox is much, much smaller than it appears!

      • LP

        Not only that but he’s been stockpiling bombs.

      • Blaze67

        That’s a Touhou reference right. If so then I support Flandre Scarlet and Sakuya Izayoi.

  6. Andore Mordre

    Panels 3, 4, and 5: my current source of nightmare fuel for the week.

    Well done, sir. Well done.

  7. Miri

    Trap fairy! 😀

    • randomthinker

      so its a guy? 😛

  8. Marscaleb

    Nothing creepy here, nope, no sir.

    • Blaze67

      That isn’t scary! You want scary, try watching 2 girls 1 cup. THAT’S SCARY!!!!

  9. Bridgebrain

    For some reason, her face screams “Cupcakes” to me. And that scares me more than the comic 😀

    • Ashia

      Oh god not the Cupcakes…. my first thought was MLP….. 😀

      • david

        Sorry, Laz!

        Your number has come up!

        • GargoyleZoo

          If yes, then respond properly to:

          • david

            <<' ... (\

          • Blaze67

            I like ponies too. Can you teach me how to do that bro hoof icon?

            (princess Luna and Rainbow Dash for the win, Twilight Sparkle too)

          • GargoyleZoo

            brohoof icon is / then ) “forward slash, shift zero” or “back slash, shift nine”

          • Bridgebrain

            Epic bronyfists for all!

          • Bridgebrain

            Well, brohoofs, but still…

          • blitzz

            david! ponies?! really??!



          • Blaze67


          • GargoyleZoo


  10. Deril

    Flandre scarlet anyone?

    • Anon


    • Blaze67

      Hell yes!!!! 😀

      • Anon

        Naaaaaaah. That kid’s lame.

  11. Spikes

    For some reason I think she is being literal. I mean if you were stuck in a dimension where the whole point is eat or be eaten and you actually just want to have some fun wouldn’t you if you could?

  12. Averant

    …Vampire. Fuck.

  13. Renadt

    I honestly feel a bit sorry for the girl. She knows what she’s up against, or at least knows what he’s fully capable of. I have a feeling that NegaLaz is gonna rear his head back in any second now.

  14. Onasaki

    I wanna know who she is. XD

  15. Summoner


  16. Connwaer

    Trap girl, We’ve all been expecting you. * does Bond villain chair turn around*

  17. silverblob5

    Everything will be fine once CaLink shows up and plays Saria’s Song.

    • LP

      “Saria is a kid. This is kinda vaguely pedophilic. (It’s kinda gross.)” /to the tune of Saria’s song

  18. Satrinity

    Oh look, it’s my niece. I was wondering when she’d start kidnapping again. -.-“

  19. Ogre

    She’s most definitely probably a Fae of some kind. Most people think of fairies and think of the cute, mischievous shoe-makers, but there are some seriously scary fey out there that quite like the dark and the things that ‘play’ there. But I think Laz will be okay; to quote Hexxus…

    “Hmm… what lovely wings… so easily… DETACHED…”

    • silverblob5

      If she IS Fae, which I agree is likely, I still say Caleb’s his best bet, being an elf and all. Either that, or a timely rescue by scrying lilitu.

      • blitzz

        I imagine she’ll make it go dark. Logically, he might make that rational mental jump from “it’s dark” to “i need a light” to “wait I AM THE LIGHT! *FOOSH* I CAN SEEEEEE oh crap running now”

  20. steelluck

    and then, out of no where, a cop comes in, with a shotgun, blows everyone the f— away. that seems reasonable. ^_^

    • blaze67

      Or a hobo with a shotgun. Literally, there is a movie on Netflix called hobo with a shotgun.

      • Maju

        Or nothing happens at all. Come back the next Friday and nothing happens again…


  21. Mokon

    My fear of little girls is acting up again!

  22. Deril

    Flandre Scarlet=this venustrap girl anyone?

    • Blaze67

      I hope so! 😀

    • Philip

      Thank you for recognizing my brtoher for the caring, compassionate and selfless person he was. We didn’t realize how many other people truly loved him as we do. He is missed by many who share our sorrow. He is gone from this world but not from our hearts.HANK BIALOUS

  23. silverblob5

    …you still among the living, Dave?

  24. None1

    should we… should we call some one? who do we call? WHO DO WE CALL FOR HELP ON THE INTERNET? seriously, I mean, do we call 911? Does he live in the US? does the internet fall under the jurisdiction of Interpol? I feel like we need to file a missing person report with someone…

  25. Lilli

    Dude, you okay? It’s been a while. What’s going on?

  26. Connwaer


  27. Connwaer

    * cough * Or we could sit and wait.

  28. Gryphon68

    Well this is a little worrying…..
    First on Friday last: 2:48pm Rain in San Diego. Half of us are calling in sick to school and work, and the other half are I guess trying to turn their cars into missiles
    then right after that : 3:11pm If you have not gone to and searched for ‘do a barrel roll’ you probably should.
    that link takes you to google. Sounds likr he may have been in a car acident. If so I hope he is ok and get better soon.

    • David

      Oh, no, everything’s okay. I’m sorry if I caused anyone any alarm, totally my bad. I’m on my last month of the semester and I’m working on that stuff. Also I’ve been working on a tabletop campaign, got the diablo 3 and firefall betas, and have been drawing things other than Underling.

      So, er, yeah, page on Friday.

      *Shamefully opens up my next page in photoshop for the first time in a week*

      • Gryphon68

        Glad to hear that you are OK… Just noticed the posts on the Twitter and jummped to the wrong Idea.. I know how the last month can be. I also am finnishin up the semester whre I am.

      • None1

        Hooray! Your not dead!

        • None1

          This is one of the webcomics I check daily, so very glad you aren’t dead

          • None1

            … those feelings do not extend to most of the other 10… is it trillion or billion? don’t care, people on this planet, just, glad to have you back. Also, I LOVE your choice of profile picture, or whatever it’s called

      • Lilli

        Good to hear from you, dude. Good luck on finals! Totally understand why you’d focus on that more than this.

  29. Marie

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