Page One Hundred Eighty Seven: Square One

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  1. eriendil

    Owww….it was all a dream, kid. Reality bites, though.

  2. Hyratel

    he catches on FAST.

  3. Miri

    Why do I get the feeling this is either, A, trap-lady’s work (see… oh, Labyrinth, say), or B, another one of Laz’s twisted dreams of home…

  4. Connwaer

    Oh trap girl, you must be the master of illusions. Wait a frickin second, how does she know about the human world if she is a will of the wisp?

  5. Harrow

    Nope, it’s not an illusion. He’s just a mouthy kid with a very rich fantasy life. Now Underling turns into a comic about a know-it-all boy who gets beat up by bullies and stuffed in lockers and retreats into his daydreams. If you had paid careful attention to the signs you would have seen it coming, as I did. Yes, I’m totally being facetious. OR AM I

  6. Deril

    incoming mindfukc if it evilaz doing or the Flandre like fairy well se it

  7. mokon

    Reminds me of my school life

  8. Zezzura

    maybe it’s illusion of his worst fears? School

  9. twood567

    the other world was reality this is his dream

    • eriendil

      Now THAT is really SCARY!

      • Mraof

        And yet, I would not be to surprised if it was true

  10. EpicUnknown

    Maybe quetzalcoatl is using this to teach him? Learning in your sleep or something.

  11. Renadt

    Given the way his nose changed back, I’d say this is an illusion.

  12. Anime fan

    From one nightmare into another.

  13. Anon

    I’m reluctant to ask this, but is this officially a hiatus?

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