Page One Hundred Eighty One: Bite

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  1. Renadt

    Me Gusta the DnD reference there. But to quote Admiral Ackbar: IT’S A TRAP!

  2. KDef

    Can’t blame him. A vaguely feminine figure sends a message for help, that ancient need to protect kicks in and if you’re a guy you just have to roll with it.

  3. Connwaer

    And he immediately trusts the floating blue woman. That might actually be a good thing!

  4. Hellspawn

    He’s not sleeping. He’s meditating.

  5. eriendil

    Watch it, kiddo, that could be auntie lilitu leading you by the nose….

    • Maju

      The lilitus would be cool and helpful (???) and they have no need to hide: they already know each other and even Laz knows already they are all family. This seems more like the Venus Flytrap girl we just met (p. 177) – in fact they have the same hairstyle.

      • eriendil

        You might be right about that, maju. The venus fly trap girl/elf seemed to be conjuring conthing , perhaps directed at Laz. Her dialog also suggests she’s setting up a trap, too.

  6. Miri

    XDDD Sorry, Laz, I think we’re playing Runequest this time.

    And, yeah, this is totally a trap, but that’s okay, because Laz is good at getting into this sort of trouble and getting out of it afterwards!

  7. LP

    Elves may be immune to sleep effects, but not plot-effects.

  8. Falkun

    Only Laz wields the mighty plot armor, and is immune to all lethal, and non-lethal magics. Not even the gods can effect laz with puny sleep spells while he wears this mighty armor.

    The elf… not so much >.<

  9. None1

    I think it somehow is connected with the lilitu, specifically, darn it can’t remember her name, the main one, red, and her method of finding him that she’s not going to like, possibly an out of body, spiritual, astrol projection thing that sends him on a journey to a portal back to them or something while leaving her and the other lilitu vulnerable to attack?

    Also, too bad the gods can effect power outages, plot armor doesn’t affect that unfortunately. And unforseen circumstances. Otherwise there would never be a delatyed or inturrupted or missed webcomic update ever again.


  10. twood567

    looks like one of the lilatu (pretty shore i misspelled that :3)

  11. silverblob5

    Pretty sure it’s the venus fly trap girl; on the previous page, what can be seen of the projection’s clothing looks a lot like what she was wearing. That, and this whole situation absolutely SCREAMS ‘trap’. I’m thinking that Lilith’s ‘unpleasant option’ for tracking down Laz is to get a known-but-unfriendly entity (trap girl) to hunt him down for her (cryptic vision through a reflective pond surface), then track down trap girl magically as she’s probably not monitored as closely by Hell, if she’s monitored at all. Or maybe just set another trap for her.

  12. silverblob5

    ..also, is it just me, or do the wisps on the previous page kinda look like an S.O.S.?

  13. Voduxe

    I see a sigh for help, I’m pulling out my rifle and digging in, right where I’m at. I’ve met too many people to NOT know a sign for help, anything like that one, is in all probability a trap! Life’s little gifts, like COMMON SENSE, come in handy at times like these.

  14. scurvy of pcp

    I do not know, Trap or no trap (and i would be surprised if there was no trap) I do think they would make a cute couple. Although I think it might just be a risky side quest that he is going to be tricked into taking to keep him out if sight of the search party for a while.

  15. None1

    Well, as long as he has his handy lighter!

  16. mokon

    Caleb just got ditched for a ghost, Bad luck Caleb

  17. Kevin

    Well I like where this is going. Drop a plot bomb!

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