Page One Hundred Eighty Nine: Dissonance

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  1. Miri



    Poor Lazzy…. so confused…

    • David

      Updated? My comic? I don’t believe it!

      I’m such a slow D:

  2. Whea7

    Well played, sir.

  3. Kyle Multop

    YES!!!! I knew there would be an update by the end of the year (or world) xP. I I like how he just got punched by good ‘ole kitty guy. Lol, nice touch with the monster of excrement 😀

  4. Deril

    horray lazz have return!

  5. Anime fan

    I’m glad you took your break, the art is astoundingly better, and as you said that’s why you started the comic. I’m glad you’re back. 🙂

    • David

      Thank you for your words of encouragement!

  6. gazedo

    Are you saying the next update isn’t going to happen until the world ends again?

  7. Walrus


    I missed this comic

    @Gazedo Somebody’ll probably predict a new apocalypse within the month, don’t worry.

  8. hariman

    Yay! The story continues!

    I’m glad to see it come back. 🙂

    • David

      Me too! I’m glad to have free time again.

  9. SSM

    Hooray! You’re back! *Runs around giddily clapping his hands* I have missed you and Laz so much! I swore I wouldn’t cry…*sheds tears of joy*

  10. Sirdudemanguy

    Welcome back David, this page is looking much better than the last few, looks like the time off from the comic has helped. Glad to see a return to the comic, and Merry Whatever-you-celebrate and a happy new year to you.

  11. DanialArin

    Welcome back!

  12. Matthew Scott

    FINALLY!!! You have returned!!! I hoped and prayed this webcomic would continue and not end up like other good webcomics that just stoped without warnning, not even post.

  13. Evilbob

    YES!!! Does this mean the comic will now start to update on a more regular basis?

    You have no idea how much I’ve missed this comic and am eagerly awaiting the outcome of his story.

    if it takes the end of the world to churn out a comic page, there should be more of these!

    • David

      Hoooopefully every week again. Don’t quote me on that, though…

  14. SgtWadeyWilson

    Huzzah! A new page! I appologize if the comments were annoying.

  15. Switch

    yaaaay! love this strip, looks like your styles changed a bit from before. :]

  16. Marscaleb

    Holy crap an update!
    …and it kinda looks like a guest strip. huh.

    • David

      Well, I did say I wouldn’t come back until I was happy with my art again 😀

  17. cazsteala

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh your back

  18. Buckybone

    FINALLY, the artist has returned…with a new (better) style!

  19. Kyle Multop

    No new comments for the New Year? Well I say Happy New Year to you David! (Yes it’s a bit late, but my computer broke so it ain’t [yes I said ain’t] my fault).

    • David

      Sorry, I was off on an unexpected journey halfway across California because why not. And then I spent like three days sitting around recovering from all the activity xD

  20. Anon

    I’m as happy as everyone else that the comic has returned, but the art has suffered terribly. What happened?

    • David

      i had a stroke and what is art im confused help me

  21. HappyFace

    Looked at it and it updated, am now very happy 😀

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