Page One Hundred Eighty Five: What luck!

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  1. Renadt

    Methinks that those be Caleb’s footprints, or a trap.

  2. Thoth

    A bit premature to be celebrating there.

  3. Maju

    Methinks that the left shoe is on the right and vice versa. Strange.

  4. narmenduke

    That is a truly terrifying last panel.

  5. Uhl

    It’s the Karupira from Beast Master, except she’s wearing shoes!

  6. Harrow

    Pfft. You’d take all the credit anyway, you vitriolic windbag.

  7. GargoyleZoo

    Those don’t look like Laz’s footprints. His shoes appear to have a perfectly flat bottom, more like slippers really. That said, if they are Laz’s footprints, then methinks Trap Girl was not refering to Laz regarding “playtime”.

  8. Ogre

    I’m still waiting for Bub to have that indigestion he’s due… maybe it’ll be like the Cursed Rubber Chicken and happen at the most inopportune time! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait, what’s this thing under my foo- *Bwawk!* ……dmanit.

  9. mokon

    Selfish much

  10. eriendil

    Just speculation on my part, but maybe it could be Crowley (aka floaty bird thing) reincarnated somehow, and resuming the chase…

    • eriendil

      By the way, theres no honor among thieves and hell’s minions, right Bub?

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