Page One Hundred Eighty Eight: Getting Some Air

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  1. Mraof

    Ah, just as I suspected, an illusion

  2. twood567

    lol hes gonna shrink :3

  3. Renadt

    Thought so. Saw Trapgirl.

  4. Miri


    Oh, Laz. Either, A, this is one of THOSE nightmares, or it’s the lack of horns. Horns make everyone feel taller.

    Probably the nightmare, though. I hate those.

    Or just the reversal of a couple of demonic growth spurts…

  5. Deril

    mindfuck?mindfuk willbe

  6. Vadelent

    And this is just one of the reasons you Never follow the will-o’-wisp… that and those freckles look really familiar, the flower as well hmmm

  7. Uhl

    The writing on the blackboard is smeared/ fuzzy too. Usually NOT a good sign.

  8. mokon

    I hate school illusions they scare me

  9. Miri

    Alternate interpretation: Laz is having a dream about elementary…

    • valahuir

      Judging by his relative height to the doorknob, I’m going to agree with you on this.

  10. twood567

    ether that or hes in some kind of model of the school and has shrunk to fit inside it

  11. Skye

    DDX Hisss tail~ I miss it already. That and him having red hair and eyes.. Poor Laz.

  12. eriendil

    Taking your worst fears and rubbing your nose in it, that’s real torment. Score one for you, scary fairy….

  13. BakaGrappler

    So Laz WAS gettign taller since becoming a demon! BOO-YAA!

    Comparing Chapter 9 Laz to Chapter 0 Laz… your attention to color blending is really off the charts now. And Laz seems to be sporting the Turnip nose.

    And if Laz is in a dreaming state….. then IT may come out! MWA-HAHAHAHA!

  14. Ogre

    Well…. if this IS a dream, then Laz technically shouldn’t have been able to read the chalkboard, from what I have been told. While I, myself, have on rare occasions read things in dreams/nightmares, I was told/have seen things that state that dreaming takes place on the opposite side of the brain that comprehends written language; i.e., you dream with the hemisphere that can’t read. Look, I’m about as scientific as a saltine, so I might very well be wrong (since I stated that sometimes I can read in dreams) but based on the fact/idea you can’t read in dreams, it’s definitely gotta be illusion. That WOULD explain the blurry wording, since the fey is forcing illusion through his subconscious mind, forcing him to ‘see’ things… and his demonic/devil blood would possibly offer some form of protection against illusion from non-Devil entities…

    *Shuts up and hides in the corner*

    • Argentyros

      You are correct. Normally, writing cannot be read per se in dreams. Most of the time, if you run across writing in a dream, if you’re paying close attention, most people will find that you know what it says, but you’re not actually reading it. This is true for most people for exactly the reason you stated, that for most people, dreams are a product of the right hemisphere, and writing is a thing of the left. However, as is true for a lot of other things involving people, there are exceptions.

    • Connwaer

      Not to mention the fact that, if there is writing, it will almost immediately change if you look away and look back.

      • LP

        That’s more my experience. I *can* read in dreams, but every time I look away and look back the writing changes to something completely different but still extremely legible.

    • Sirdudmanguy

      Also remember that the moment you add magic to any equation, science is almost always thrown out the window. So while reading is not likely in a normal dream, it can be perfectly common and normal in a MAGICAL dream.

      Magic is an all-purpose rule breaker like that.

      “this story is stupid, beans can’t grow into the sky”
      “yes but these were MAGIC beans, duh!”
      “and a castle could never be supported by clouds”
      “yes, but remember, these are magic clouds supporting a magic castle”
      “sounds like magic is just an excuse to fill any unrealistic plot hole”
      “exactly! now you’re getting it!”

    • Sandra Prickett

      As scientific as a saltine, that’s my new favorite quote XD

    • Darekun

      Based on my own experience, writing in dreams means whatever you expect it to. If you read “WET PAINT” on a sign, then as long as you remember that and expect it to read the same, it will read the same. But if you open a random book to a random page, with no expectation of what it will say, it won’t say anything.

      If you’re reading a poem you know well, but your mind can’t summon the words fast enough, you may find it stumbling over some small words in the middle; if you deliberately clear your mind, to read what’s actually there unbiased, the whole poem will be missing.

    • Phenoca

      If he remembered reading it, then in his dream he could remember reading it. Or time-lapse forward with the memory of having spent the last 2-seconds looking at the chalkboard.

  15. Onasaki

    Hrrmm.. Apparently, I lost the bookmark. I’m all caught up now, but, something seems off with the art. It seems.. rushy. Not to sound offensive, I love the comic, I love the art. But this page..

  16. Karretch

    Another thing to note: THEM HANDS! Even if the teacher is just a throwaway character, unless there’s a specific reason (like being a dream) then why draw detailed hands on one character yet have only stubs for another? Thus I support this being an illusion. Just the idea of a hand is enough to make someone believe that the hand is there and more often than not one will imagine seeing the hand as whole. Prolly the little girl knowing such and not detailing what doesn’t need it.

  17. Kevin

    Hello welcome to school. You will now be bombarded with emotions, pushed into conflict with those who are you peers, subjected to torture, not only by your classmates, and expected to strive to academic heights. ” Shove”

  18. Anime fan

    Her torment is messing with him with a school? That’s, honestly pretty lame for a trap demon. Bring on some never ending nightmares or something, Laz is the nightmare in a school after all.

  19. Connwaer

    Mayeth I mention how Lilith mentioned an extra choice, and called it ” an ugly one?” That was around the time trap girl caught the strange message thingy in the water.

  20. J_Brisby

    well, this comic is obviously dead as a doornail.

  21. Kasai Zyth

    I recently discovred this comic, and so far I love it! BUT you should update it. Like, right now. Or I will be sad.

  22. Kasai Zyth

    Hello! It’s me again, telling you to update your comic, which I’m goona keep doing until you finally do. Just think of me as your ever-persistant conscience.

  23. HeavyliftSGT

    could you pretty Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssse update soon?

    • Approvedjunk

      You know..begging online like this usually irritates both the creator and the other fans of the comic. You see, there’s this funny thing called ‘real life’, and for most the issues it decides to fling in our faces are more important than a project we have dedicated ourselves to. TL;DR….Have some bloody patience, it will happen w\hen it does.

  24. Kiranis

    If your gonna stop updating your web comic at least explain why. otherwise your gonna get idiots who beg for updates. it’s the creators fault for saying updates would get regular again and fail to deliver and fail to provide why. Junk Grow up stop picking on idiots to make your self feel wiser you are not.

    It’s like defending a child who out right murder’s someone knowing full well what they do. Child (Creator) murders (stop updating) someone (comic) knows exactly what they did (Knew fully updates would stop and failed to tell anyone)

    Think I lost my point. here it is. Junk stop being a ass online and act like “Sage”

  25. Kasai Zyth

    Hi! You didn’t think I had forgotten about you did you? Update your comic!

  26. Kasai Zyth

    Yes, I know I’m being a nag, but I figure who couldn’t use the extra motivation? So post a new page!

  27. Wheat77

    Hey man, ignore all the pointless flak above.

    It’s your comic, update it when you’re ready.

    Thanks for giving us all a good read.


  28. SgtWadeyWilson

    If you do not plan on updating this comic, would you at least provide us a logical ending point in a text-based form? Something? Anything?

  29. Anime fan

    Haven’t been here in a while, btw. Are you all right?

  30. Lifedragn

    He’s been making text posts. You can see them if you go to the home page, or even click his name on the post he made for this page.

    Regarding Updates he has made this post. And the next one says he is basically on vacation at Disney World.

    I don’t mean to nag, but if you spend a small amount of time looking then you’ll see that your nagging is uncalled for.

    • SgtWadeyWilson

      I had actually read that one before, I kinda forgot by the time I came back, thanks for reminding me, I retract my complaints, the files were on display, and we didn’t even have to go down to a cellar to see them.

  31. Kyle Multop

    Okay I have read the comic 3 times in a row now, started about a week ago, and I am completely addicted. Absolutely obsessed. It is hard for me to find things that have a really good story-line, I am kinda picky, and this is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!

  32. Kyle Multop

    Make it 5 times read now. Still absolutely addicted to reading this comic. LOVE IT!!!!!

  33. Kasai Zyth

    Hi, sorry for being a pest earlier, I know you’ll get to it when you get to it. If it makes any difference though, know that I check this page almost daily just in case there’s something new. I have absolutley loved the comic so far and hope that (someday) I will get to read a satisfying, well-earned conclusion to Laz’s adventure.

    • Sandra Prickett

      I think it’s very possible we’re going to go into full riot mode and puch the faces of all the people and things preventing the comic to progress. TAKE THAT, RESPONSIBILITY!

  34. LP

    Sanka, you dead man?

  35. Kyle Multop

    I cannot pull away! Best I have read! I also, as Kasai Zyth said, check daily just on case anything is added. Great work, and know we understand you will continue when you are ready. Thanks!!!!!

  36. SgtWadeyWilson

    I know art and writing take time, but I have never had patience. I would, however settle for proof of your dedication to this thing, also, if I had money, I’d be forcing it down your throat by now.

    • Kyle Multop

      I find your comment somewhat rude good sir. BUT I will give you the benefit of the doubt and not start going on and on about personal agendas, and behavior blah blah blah.

      • Ana

        names like Halleluya, amen which makes me to wonder what be ruinnng through their minds. Am asking this because I hadn’t slept since thursday evening. I went home and found my bed wet with a note asking me when would I ever want or have a desire to have sex? When I wanted it, I wasn’t getting it and if did, I never got satisfied.perticipation, concentration, anticipation, perfection, satisfaction, pleasure, the actual feeling, strong and erected etc. out of this if you like it perhaps you may think of him/her as sweet, heaven comming near, noone like her/him/ your past sex relationship etc. Arent these some of the things that comes into your mind? And what if when in the process of intimance s/he call on someones name other than you or after sex s/he tell you his/her past sex stories?

  37. BakaGrappler

    Where are you man? Please don’t tell me you died from a car accident or something? I’ve been pining away for more Laz for months.

  38. Dave.

    I’ll be honest, I was going to post something about how disappointed I was with the lack of updates on this fantastic webcomic, until I actually read the post about the “Dresden Codak schedule.” I totally understand, and will wait for Any updates however long it takes. I mean, I’ll still probably check the site twice a week, and I’ll still be disappointed when, or if (If is good, I like if.), there are no updates, but I understand that good things come to those that wait.
    This comic is a fantastic thing, and something you can, and should, be proud of, even if it were to end prematurely.

  39. Sironabennet

    Hey, Just wanted to sat that you can take all the time you want on your comic. It’s yours after all. I for one know how hard it is to write, and let alone draw a webcomic. I believe I was three pages into mine before I quit. It’s hard, and motivation to continue gets harder the further in you get. No matter what you do, fans will never be pleased. You could update sixty times a day and they’d still want more. You can’t please everyone, and that’s just the way it is.
    So take your time, I say, and work on things that are important in your life before worrying about a webcomic. I’ll still enjoy your stuff no matter what. I’m eager for you to return to us, but at the same time, I’m patient, and can wait.

  40. CC

    It’s a shame how there haven’t been updates in so long. I really miss this comic. However, I know how life can interfere with the creative process, so I’ll be happy to wait for you to get back to it. After all, I remember my own attempt at a comic- I got about thirty pages in before I got very, very sick and had to stop, so I get how sometimes things come up and you have to give up some of the less important things in life. Well, good luck to you. I hope you can get back to this comic soon.

  41. Evilno

    At this point in time, is this guy even doing any work on this, did he die or did he just get lazy?

    • Kyle Multop

      Read the updates he has posted, it has been a while, but they still explain where he has been.

  42. SgtWadeyWilson

    Ok, I know he posted explanations and all, but, seriously, how long does he plan on staying at Animal Kingdom?

    • Alechsa

      This. I get having creative juice problems, but to say that and then go off on a more than two month vacation? If you stay off the horse for too long once you fall off… then you’re just gonna keep having the fear and never get back on.

      Draw something, man. No one reads a free webcomic expecting perfection. I got beyond peeved when ‘No Need For Bushido’ quit with the BS excuse of ‘well I don’t feel like my art’s good enough here so I’m gonna take the time to do other shit instead’. Putting something out once a week is HOW you practice and generally over time improve. Read a webcomic that has had weekly/biweekly potings and been out for years. The art at the beginning is generally poor, but it improves every year and becomes something very nice to look at usually.. That can’t happen if the artist suddenly goes perfectionist and refuses to do ANYTHING unless it looks perfect to him. No art looks perfect to the artist. Ever. It’s a poor excuse for a fear of being judged. People read this comic, they obviously enjoy what quality art you put out, and the MORE you draw it, the better it will get.

      SO GET BACK ON THE HORSE ALREADY. Or else put up a blog posting that you are done with this comic.

      • Wiibii

        Guys, he tweeted that he was dropping the comic due to his course-load in college and wouldn’t be updating until he got into an honors class of some sort.
        While I wish that he had given the news in a more public manner, it is available if you go looking for it. You just have to make a *shudder* twitter account.

  43. Kyle Multop

    Oh hoooo! Someone else that’s alive!

  44. Evilno

    Ok, this comic was very good and cool, but its dead now. Even if this guy plans on coming back to it, it would be more like a re-birth of the comic instead of a continuation.

  45. Loren

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy are we waaaaaaaaaaaaaaitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing…

  46. Wiibii

    Guys, he tweeted that he was dropping the comic due to his course-load in college and wouldn’t be updating until he got into an honors class of some sort.

    • david

      Um, apologies. This is true.

      • Wiibii

        If it’s not to much to ask, would you mind making the information more readily available to readers and giving some sort of timetable?

  47. Lin

    🙁 sad, but i know the feeling…..

  48. Sirdudemanguy

    And another comic adopts the update timetable of themeek, and pawn. Sigh… just when it was getting good too.

    • Sleel

      Except for Meek was on hiatus due to extensive freelance work, which has finished. And which resumed updating on the 15th. Angora and Pinter are back to bickering for your entertainment.

  49. CrazyTrain

    Lol, just my luck. I put off reading this comic for a few months, just before it goes on indefinite hiatus. And when I get back to check on it, there’s no change. Lol.

  50. and

    Suddenly a wild never coming back appears, and the author was never heard from again…

    …so much potential….

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