Page One Hundred Eighty Eight: Getting Some Air

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  1. SgtWadeyWilson

    I’m glad someone else infromed us, I never would’ve made a twitter acount. Also, I hope he gets into his honor class. Since he dropped this for a good reason, I’m fine with that. I’m just happy I got an explanation, I look forward to a highly probable future with more of this comic.

  2. Demitrix

    wait he droped this??! ive been waitin for months and he droped it???!!! man that blows…….oh well get hournors and graduate man, THEN GET BACK ON THE 8BALL! this comics to good to leave unfinished, ill even settle for a cliffhanger enddinng, just as long as there is one!!!!!

  3. Sandra Prickett

    Next thing you knmow, he’ll have the story written and hire an artist, (maybe)

    • David

      You don’t even know how close I’ve come 😛

      • SgtWadeyWilson

        Depending on the style, that could actually end up being the coolest thing. Or you could find an artist and use your combined powers to create an absurd amount of awesomeness.

  4. Mayaluna VanSentinel

    Lately, I’m hestitant to even check if the update arrived, because seeing constantly, that it didn’t makes me want to rip something. But no stress, take your time.

  5. corvuscorone68

    heh anybody else notice that the last current comic involves school, as well as the reason there is no update?

  6. kevin

    Won’t be surprised to find his style changed when he does come back 😀

  7. Wiibii

    Christmas update please?

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