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  1. Supertwitfan

    Mass mahem is like their sort of candy.

  2. Disconnected

    Whoo! Two of them have name’s now.

    • Supertwitfan

      Yet they still couldn’t tell Laz to buttplant, not faceplant… we all know it’s going to happen.

  3. Depriest

    Heh, such an awsome comic .

  4. Silvermane

    I’m scared to see what the disease one likes to do for fun. Yeek!

    • grimmasthereaper

      i thought that was obvius where else could cancer have come from

  5. eriendil

    D’OHHH! Someones up for a spanking. Maybe she’ll throw fireballs your way, or have that big green bird chase ya… HOOT HOOT!

  6. Stripes

    Hey, who doesn’t like earthquakes! Makes everything a whole lot better…that is unless it’s your village on top of the earthquake. Then they’re no fun.

    • David

      It’s hilarious so long as it’s happening to someone else!

      • Miri

        Do I detect Haiti in here somewhere?

  7. Draconis Noir

    I just love the second panel. Could only be slightly improved with a ; *whistles*

    • ridjenite

      Or perhaps crickets.

    • eriendil

      or an ohhh..s**t…..

  8. Karadan

    This explains why it always seems to be those poor starving places that get all the crazy huge earthquakes. They don’t have the modern medicine to keep the lilithu at bay.

    Also, names! <3 Naratum

  9. Karadan

    Oh, right. Also, taking bets on Laz stumbling into the Old Man by chance anyway. As well as bets on him simply landing on the Old Man right from the get go 😛

    • Bel

      ill take the bet that he lands on the old man and that is what cause the next S*it storm that he needs to run from

  10. Jenn the Hen

    I’m liking that the Lilitu are all starting to get their own personalities.

  11. Tyr

    When they say oldman, I can’t help but think of Legend of Neil.

    • Geoffrey

      I wonder what kind of havoc that would cause for Laz?

  12. Godwyn

    Or, I’m thinking, Lazarus runs into the rakshasa again.

  13. Anime fan

    😀 Yay earthquakes! 😀 SQUEEEEEEE!

  14. Elithril

    If I recall my Judaic-Christian mythology correctly: Lilith was part of the piller God raised when he was first creating humans. From this piller God sculpted the first man, Adam, and joined to him at the back the first women, Lilith. Thus Lilith was created as Adam’s equal.

    So one day Lilith eats some fruit which had fallen on the ground (Tree of Knowledge). She begins actively learning things like hunting, crafting, and magic. One day Adam is horny and tries to rape her. She tells him to go screw himself and runs to God. God has fun with her for a while until her independent spirit assurts itself again, and God banishes her from “living” in Eden.

    She says, “fine, I’m going to go make my own garden!” and does so, stealing fruit and seeds from Eden, including the fruits of Knowledge and Life. In the process she seduces Lucifer (guarding Eden at that time) and shows him it’s possible to think for himself. Lucifer Falls.

    After Eve is made, Lilith sees her during one of her “visits” and tries to get her to take charge and stand up for herself. Eve eats the fruit, and gets Adam to do so too. This time all humans get banished from Eden entirely, and God retaliates against Lilith by destroying her garden. Depressed, she wanders and copulates with many monsters, giving birth to terrestrial demons (as opposed to hellish demons).

    Anyone else know anything about her myth?

    • eriendil

      Yes, sure did. Another version in later jewish mythology (the kaballa to be exact) has Lilith as Adam’s original first wife. She rebelled against Adam because she objected to being underneath him during the sex act, rather than being raped. She then walked out on Adam and God sent 3 angels to bring her back. They later found her and she refused to go back. The leader of the angelic search party (possibly Archangel Michael) found her copulating with wild demons and other denizens and giving birth to hundreds of demon chldren each day! The angels struck a bargain with her, saying they would not drag her back t Adam if she allowed 100 of her children each day to be killed by the 3 angels, as punishment. She later evolved over time to become a violent nocturnal seducer of men, and the slayer of infants that were not protected from her by invocation of the names of the 3 angels on the wall of the household. Like I sais it’s another of many versions of the Lilith legend…..

      • Supertwitfan

        100 children each day? Sounds painful.

  15. flibble

    well at least we know what laz needs to do… shame he doesn’t!

  16. Warriorking4ever

    Sigh…with family like these three twits who needs enemies? XD

    Seriously, his aunts are cute but they fail epically in the family care department >_<

    • Karadan

      For demons I think ‘not killing you’ is their way of showing love. 😉

  17. Lantern

    i still think the comic is biblicaly epic, i cant wait to see how this all pans out, as for the storyis of lilith i ready that it wasnt offered for her to go back it was a deman she go back or 100 of her children would drown in the river Nile each day she did not return to Adam, and she said to the angels to f-off that she would not bow to that, and vowed never to return to Eden so long as he was there and it wasnt lesser demons she was copulating with, it was Malach HaMavet or death him self, and thats where the ideas of succubi and vampires stemed from, neither living nor dead because of their father.

  18. Solario the Visored

    (Looking at viewers) “…What? We’re EVIL.”

    • Vanderley

      GregYes, yes, and yes to your Big Three. And also Yes to foreskin, you can never have egnuoh. Vancouver is a delicious place, Victoria is sublime, but both will be quite pricey because of the 2010 Winter Olympics. And don’t forget to check about border requirements for your poochie before heading across. It’s probably in coming back that you will get more hassle from the Yank side. And I also agreewith Bastien (salut!) that a visit to Que9bec will be the most interesting part of any Canadian trip, especially this year of it’s 400th anniversary. And you will find lots more foreskin in Que9bec!Be well

  19. eriendil

    Like I said, many versions of the story of Lilith exist, just google it and see for yourself. None of these can be proven one way or aother, go with whatever version suits your beliefs best, I guess.

    • Karadan

      Yeah, photographs from biblical times are so hard to come by.

  20. moon

    put mke down for a wander before he finds the man he needs to find im putting down 3 cookie

  21. CHaoS

    so that’s what happened to haiti?

  22. Phenoca


  23. Miri

    To all those arguing about the biblical/hebrew/whatever Lilith story, I believe David has already stated taht the Lilith in his comic is the Mesopotamian Lilith who was actually the leader of the Lilitu.

  24. Captain Canuck

    Ninenlil? Shouldn’t that just be Ninlil (wife of Enlil)? Enlil = Lord [of] Storm/Sky, Ninlil = Lady [of] Storm/Sky; Ninenlil would mean “Lady-Lord [of] Storm/Sky.”

    Apart from that one little bit of linguistic nitpicking, the comic is awesome!

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