Page One Hundred Eight: Deception!

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  1. approvedjunk

    Muhahaha!!! Jokes on you Crowley! I guess that’s what Lilith had planned all along, sneaky girl. And poor Laz, once again he is forced into a faceplant….

    • David

      I enjoy doing that to him maybe more than I should.

      • BakaGrappler

        That type of faceplant is more painful on the back than the face. His body was literally bend double in that one!

        • David

          Indeed! Ah well, he’s flexible and young, he’ll get over it >=)

      • Aslandus

        He looks more adorable when his face is crushed 🙂

  2. moon

    man thats funny i would never expect that i thought it was going to be one of the long drawn out searches

  3. ry

    I love your comic! and yes you should make a lilitu wallpaper!

    • David

      Thanks! And okay!

  4. SkitZ

    Was not expecting that… David… what’s your plan with the second red headed stepchild? no wait, don’t tell me, it’s Laz’s half-sister… and she’s evil, but not like her dad. NEhue two ginger children makes for too many variables… especially if they’re demonic. Wait! shes not a red-head… or its the color contrast messing with my eyes… David… you’re the artist… tell me!

    • Starcat5

      Err… WHAT other red headed step child? You CAN’T mean the green flower lady in today’s comic, since her hair is brown, right? I’d rather not do an archive dive this weekend, so would you kindly post a link to the comic in question?

      …and yes, that WAS a Bioshock reference. I really, REALLY wish that development team would just get the rights to System Shock already and make a third game for it.

    • David

      Haha, her hair’s brown. As for her relation to Laz, well, you’ll just have to wait and find out!

      • mokon

        so their is a relation

  5. Banadux

    I’ve been using your current Lilitu / Lilith wallpaper since not long after I found your comic, but a new one would be great.

  6. TheDeepDark

    I’d go for a Lilitu wallpaper

  7. Depriest

    uh oh, I think I have found a new favorite character.

    • David

      But wait! There’s more~

  8. Marscaleb

    Ooooh, the plot thickens!

  9. Anime fan

    Clever clever, never heard of a thousands of years old spirit saying “nah” before. It was a good touch.

    • David

      They’re pretty awesome, for being out of the mainstream for four thousand years!

  10. Jenn the hen

    That thing is adorable. I want a stuffed one so that I can hold, snuggle and take her in to public and get starred at. <3

    • David

      Well, I am going to be working on things to sell next year…

  11. Umm...

    Are those Rare Block Mushrooms?

  12. Sgt Lewis

    This series is getting better all the time. Keep up the good work. You definately know how to keep our attention.

  13. Miri

    there is just something really adorable about Laz’s faceplants… and Lilitus. Especially chibi lilitus.

    • David

      You might enjoy Tuesday’s update. 😉

  14. tWiCHY

    yes indeed, you should make a Lilitu wallpaper

  15. mikokit

    I concur. Lilitu wallpaper posthaste, my good artist.

    …I think more art of the cheeky little things would be pretty much awesome. Plz an thank you?

  16. Warriorking4ver

    LOL XD! Gotta love it when minions have minds of their own, am I right? So hard to find good help these days LOL

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