Page Ninety: Trouble on the Horizon

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  1. Kai

    awwww she cares! <3

    Love how everything looks on this page, from the shading/shine to the backgrounds!!

  2. BakaGrappler

    I’m starting to see Lilitu’s core persona by this point, with her hurt expression at Laz freaking out and running from her before, and now this. It would appear that she’s done a good job of keeping her original self intact since being conscripted by Hell, because Satan mentioned that he was looking forward to remaking her, that means he hasn’t done it yet.

    Nature by legacy of myth and ancient religion has been a being of tenderness and unrivaled righteous fury, in other words a Mother. Could that be Lilitu’s nature as well?

    • David

      I’m almost worried I put too much effort into making Lil interesting as opposed to the other characters XD She’s way more than she seemed to be in the first chapter huh~

      • flibble

        Ooohh…. ominus! Oh and the wierd bird things are cool.

      • BakaGrappler

        Don’t worry about overdeveloping a character. Character depth will never turn into a bad thing since it helps establish a personality, even if it is not used in a story.

        Besides, I’m intensely interested in the Rakshasi, the Pantheons of Elder Gods, the Seal placed around earth and how it effectively cut the ancient religions off from their deities and non-human populations, Ganesha (he seems like a cool guy), Laz solving his problems like MacGuyver would, Laz’s upbringing that made him so likable and right minded despite being completely superior to normal humans in his age bracket and environment and his natural demonic heritage, Crowley, Laz’s “Inner Demons,” and the fact that no one in their group has commented on the smell surrounding Beelzebub (whose name means “Lord of Flies”) since he is a sentient pile of burning excrement.

        In other words, the world you have created intrigues me deeply.

  3. Anime fan

    Oh joy, initial scouts.

  4. Uhl

    “CROWLEY!!!!!! ” Sorry, just couldn’t resist. 😉

    • Weomur


      • Supertwitfan

        WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOUR HEAD?! Ya I’m a page behind… don’t judge me.

        • David

          You missed an update? HOW COULD YOU ;___________;


  5. Nice2835

    heh, I love the “I’ve always had one dear, just not for you.” xD

  6. tWiCHY

    awesome lilitu has a nice side, there is hope yet

  7. SoulVici

    Just finished reading the entire comic today.

    I cannot believe it’s not more popular considering how well written and drawn it is!

    • David

      Thank you very much! I’ve actually been pretty surprised at how many readers I’ve gotten over the last several months! I’m glad that you think I could be doing better. You can totally help by telling your friends =3

  8. SSM

    Hi there, just came across this comic. I’m a Hindu, and born and brought up in India, and I’d just like to say that the only other place I have EVER seen Rakshasas depicted as cat-people in an the D&D Monster Manual. Certainly not in any Hindu text.

    So, on one side, we have Underling and D&D, against everything I’ve read in Hindi mythology.

    Naturally, Underling and D&D win hands down. Either one of them, on their own, wins hands down for me. Keep up the great work.

    • David

      I just wanted to draw them this way because I liked the look XD

      Thanks for the compliment!

  9. Hephaestus

    You know, seeing the Crows in previous pages and above the mountains in the last panel, puts into mind the Chozo Ghosts and the music for them from the first Metroid Prime game.

  10. DCM

    Been following your lovely comic for awhile now, i enjoy how you have added the little details that make the reader believe the characters you make for this ‘world’ ^..^
    even some of the main young male’s actions often seems to have the ‘goblin’ effect or route of solving problems by destroying something in some manner.. 😛
    I hope you never get bore of unvieling more of this comic world for all of us to enjoy.. also yes from Lilitu’s reactions to the main character made me wish her kind was real.. ^..^
    Hope you have a nime day David.

  11. the random commenter from the left

    i have been following this comic for sometime now and i have become even more interested once i found out the biblical meaning behind the name lazurus needless to say i will be watching

    • the random commenter from the right

      I can’t wait to see how the whole ‘daddy devil’ thing will turn out.

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