Page Ninety Two: Vision and Madness

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  1. Lord Shevrash

    I think you mean “Role he must play” at the end there.
    Love the comic, keep it up!

    • Kisame

      No! The: “and he will NOT escape!” is making beter drama!

      • David

        He was actually talking about a typo I made XD

  2. Dan P

    Love that TV screen in panel 1

  3. Umm...

    Well, shite. That’s bad.

  4. LP

    I wish my TV gave useful advice. As it is, all it tells me to do is CONNNSUUUUUMMMEEEE.

  5. bob the 7th

    well, you think the devil would hope his kid would grow up evil, makes no senes

    • David

      It’s almost like someone’s screwing with his plans!

      • Supertwitfan

        *gasp* who would do that? *jokeful sarcasm*

      • Ansrit

        Oh darn, you got me, and way before I could get the kid to go to the boy-scouts and learn some things like doing good deeds whenever possible.

        Also, knots, thought it’d be useful, but currently he doesn’t have any rope now does he?

        • David

          Hmm… He has a tail. Maybe that’d work in a pinch?

  6. Starcat5

    Wow. For an “Anti Anti Christ”, he sure is thick. He is the son of a fallen angel. I repeat. A fallen ANGEL. By simple genetics alone he should be having a much easier time fighting off his “Super Powered Evil Side” than THIS!

    Hay, Laz! Ignore your inner Id, your inner Superego has something it wants to say to you!

    • Kisame

      Lucifer (a.k.a Satan, the prince of darkness, the beast, the devil, and so on) is a fallen angel, and so is most the demons in hell, genetics have nothing to do with mythology, if swan Zeus make kids with a human woman, you get a demigod. If ox Zeus make kids with human woman, you got half man half ox monstrosity, genes were discovered after religions, not the other way around. Besides, genes have absoulotly no affect on someones personality. I’m almost nothing alike my parents personality, are you? The comics is great though, I didn’t like the way you made a god from some other religion a worker of hell, but nothing in this world is perfect, and that’s what makes it perfect

      • David

        Lemme tell ya, the god from some other religion doesn’t like the way he’s a worker of hell either!

        Also thanks!

        • Miri

          Yeah, um, does Lilitu seem like she’s cooperating to YOU?

  7. Topazert

    Run for you’r life, you’r evil sides trying to eat you again!!!!!!

  8. Faraway

    Laz is one messed up in the head kid. One of soooo many! 🙂

  9. Uhl

    I wonder at what point they put him down, and is that red voice coming out of the ground?

  10. Umm...

    Jump, jump, jump…

    It’ll get you away from blondie.

  11. Anime fan

    O.O I think i just shit myself.

  12. Ansrit

    Even the TV agrees that he should pay more attention to his surroundings!


    But the TV is a PART of his surroundings! Which is why he didn’t see it, I guess. Although, *I* didn’t even notice the TV the first two times I read this.

  14. Silverblob5

    Hrm….maybe the TV is showing that message because someone’s been trying to wake him up, and is actually telling him that? Or maybe it’s that paranoid-but-useful part of his brain that he doesn’t seem to listen to enough?

    Or, hell, maybe it’s part of one of those overly aggressive anti-smoking “public service” advertisements…..

    • BakaGrappler

      I’d say it was whatever was in his subconscious talking to him in the little letters in the background the first time Laz met IT in the pocket dimension. Looking forward to seeing who it was.

  15. emberwest

    He looks like a goat more than a demon…

  16. Miri

    I say dream scene!

  17. rennat951

    apparently there is no escape from the crazyness that is laz’s life

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