Page Ninety Three: Devil Dreaming

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  1. BakaGrappler

    Hahahaha! I love Laz and IT’s conversations. Mainly because Laz just keeps looking at IT dismissively like he’s a blowhard idiot. I’m of the opinion that Laz isn’t taking IT seriously. I wouldn’t if I had my own IT, since I’m pretty damn good at controlling my dreams once they become lucid. (Telekinesis in dreams for the win!)

    And yeah, it seems everyone has plans for Laz except for Eshita who didn’t want anything to do with him.

  2. Umm...

    He has a funny mouth-nose thigie.

    • David

      I didn’t see that as a mouth before.

      Oh man, his expressions look ten times as awesome now. 😀

  3. emberwest

    I <3 IT!

  4. silverblob5

    Sounds like the Lilitu intervening there….wonder if she’s planning to unseat Satan?

    • David


    • mokon

      hopes so betrayal makes anyone 10x more awesome

  5. That one person

    Love the expression in the last pannle XD

  6. Marscaleb

    I love that subtle echo effect.
    It could have been more pronounced, but I imagine that might have been to illegible, so I’ll just trust your judgement.

  7. Supertwitfan

    God damn, you’d think that he’d get a chance to rest? lol he is gonna be one tough motha after this one.

    • David

      That or a quivering shell of a person!

  8. emberwest

    I am SO addicted to this now!

    • David

      Just remember to read responsibly! Underling is not responsible for any damage caused by archive binging or by cartooning and driving.

      • Lord Shevrash

        urge to read archives in car… rising…

      • emberwest

        I don’t drive so don’t worry about me. >:)

  9. Hoyrel

    I just found this website this morning, and powered through the archives in the space of an hour.

    I am thoroughly enjoying the storyline, and like your unique organization of the multi-verse, and the gods/demons/various mortal races that inhabit/rule it.

    I just have one, probably frequently asked question I can’t find the answer to. When do you update? Or is it more of a daily surprise to keep us guessing?

    • David

      I update every Tuesday and Friday, usually around midnight-1 a.m. pacific time =)

  10. silverblob5

    Y’know, if I suddenly developed a talking portal in my forehead, I’d probably be a bit more worried than that.

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