Page Ninety Six: Her Angle

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  1. Diana Stoneman

    Double Lazarus! What does it mean?!

    • David


    • Anime fan

      It means epictrocities are in the making.

    • BakaGrappler


    • Umm...

      It means a double rainbow is somewhere, right now.

    • Supertwitfan

      He still in dream. Will that’s what I assumed.

  2. Redryll

    At least she is telling him that he is just a neutral pawn in her game. For now, at least. Nature spirits, you gotta watch out for them. One minute they are furious and destructive, the next kind and motherly. You never know if they are being serious or whether or not they are being tricksters. On a different note, why do I have a feeling that if and when this whole mess blows over, if both Laz and this specific Lilitu survive, she is going to fill a role akin to the “Crazy/Eccentric Aunt/Uncle”? You know, the type that slightly makes the Parents/Guardians slightly nervous and reluctant, but are allowed to visit anyway. Just a feeling though. Love the comic by the way, and hope you also include a wide variety of spirits, creatures, and gods from many places and cultures. I myself really want to see some tricksters, both races and divinity. Though I fear the results of Laz interacting with them.

    • David

      Trickster deities are some of my favorites =)

      Laz and Lilitu are going to have very interesting interactions, I can promise that =)

      • Miri

        I hope we get to see some Native American mythology in here. Coyote is one of my favorite mythological figures, right up there with Quetzalcoatl.

        ….Final Fantasy is ruining me. I almost typed Quezacotl.

  3. Marscaleb

    And the part where you saw Billy Mays riding a unicorn, that was real too. And when your teacher turned into a giant mushroom and Mario showed up and stomped her, that was real as well.
    And that time when you realized you were dreaming so you woke up? That was real.

    …Wait a minute, how the hell does she know all this stuff?

    • Anime fan

      she’s Satans # 2.

      • David

        Apparently, she can eavesdrop on Laz’s magicking, somehow?

        • Uhl

          Her “old tricks” include peeking into the void and redirecting portals after all. Maybe her spell extends to any “other world” manifestations that circle around her focus.. Like Laz.

        • BakaGrappler

          Lilitu is the one that bypassed the veil just enough to give Laz a grocery list for bringing about the End of Days. It stands to reason she is skilled in dimensional communication and barrier magic techniques.

  4. emberwest

    Oh….so they ARE still in his head…

  5. Silver Guardian

    “It’s come to my attention that you are prodigiously gifted at running…”

    That’s like, THE defining trait for most ‘heroes’ today. 😀

    • Faraway

      Actually, YES. You know, on TVTropes there even was a convincing article that compiled hundreds and hundreds of one-man armies and gave them all a single unifying trait – they ALL are faster than any of their opponents. Which is why they are able to fight one enemy at a time and defeat armies.

  6. BakaGrappler

    Being “Gifted at running” can also mean “Being gifted at not getting your ass killed by superior monsters that want to eat you.” Honestly? For someone who has only been aware of having demonic power for two days, he’s going a great job. Now if only he had the time to get a little bit of training in, he might get good at something other than “Running.”

    But, for Lilitu’s request, it would seem that her plan involves Laz getting captured by Crowley, which will delay Laz’s being taken to Lucifer without Lilitu being the one who get blamed for it. After all, Lucifer was the one who chose the members of this little excursion. Looks like Crowley’s a pawn of Lilitu’s plans after all. I might feel sorry for him if he wasn’t such a conceited douche.

  7. Din182

    Is it just me, or has Laz’s horns grown a bit longer since the beginning or maybe it’s just the art?

  8. LovelyLadyLillian

    Love this one…btw, isn’t the quote “And I could save you baby, but it isn’t worth my time” from the Amanda Palmer song “guitar hero”? Or am I just pulling things out of thin air…

    • David

      Yes it is! 🙂

  9. Umm...

    Uhh… Has anyone noticed the skull heads?0.o

    • kwah

      yes yes i did .this just went from bad to worse im guessing.

  10. Supertwitfan

    Hey look a triangle of three bird skulls. That can’t be a trap at all.

    P.S. I wonder what the head clerk even does in this group.

    • David

      Hm, I really haven’t shown very much of these new demons, have I? It’s almost as if they’re saving it for some kind of action scene!


  11. moon

    there in is head look at the birds back in panel 1

  12. SoulVici

    It is now Tuesday at 12:01 AM and you have yet to update.

    I’m afraid I’ve lost faith in you, I’d hoped you would be the exception to failing your own deadlines.


    • SoulVici

      My apologies, I didn’t realise it was pacific time not eastern.

      I would continue to enjoy your comic.

      • SoulVici


        • David

          Geez, way to give me a heart attack!

          I’m actually three comics ahead at the moment! Saving up so I can update on vacation.

  13. JackD

    Cause even if you chase me, there’s a million more in line

  14. Jerry

    I am exhausted and need to be in bed. I smebtlud across the Today Show interview and that led me to your sight and I spent an hour watching/reading about your missions. Oh, I needed this You guys are a gift. I just went upstairs and booby-trapped the stairwell landing with streamers, hearts, and I Love You messages to my kids From thousands of miles away you reminded me of the joy that needs to be in my life. Going to bed giggling. Thanks.

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