Page Ninety Seven: Wake

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  1. Dekker

    She’s a sweet heart!

  2. Bartimaeus

    Lilitu… Lilith.
    Ai yi yi yi yi.

  3. BakaGrappler

    Well, I didn’t suspect that that was her name.

    Well, I’m gonna go on record and guess that she’s the Sumerian Lilith and not the Hebrew Lilith, since she is one of the Lilitu and according to the Wiki I just looked up, they had the power to appear in men’s dreams (like succubi). Also opens a few possible links to Ishtar.

    Besides, if she were Adam’s first wife that would be using some really shaky folklore for the story when you consider the story has stated that she is a nature spirit turned demon, and not a human turned demon as the story goes. I also never liked the Hebrew story about Lilith because it was like they were saying, “B^%$@! Get back in the kitchen or God’ll toss your ass out and make you a demon!”

    • David

      Yeah, women kind of get the shaft in all three of the big monotheistic religions, huh.

      • BakaGrappler

        Which monotheistic religions do you mean? Cause I consider the big three classic faiths to be Bhuddism, Hindi, and Jewish/Christian faiths (since they come from the same source material except for the books written in 25-50 a.d.)

        But yeah, women get the shaft in the traditions. I can only assume that men figured out early that women are the ones that are needed to procreate and that they need to be controlled like a natural resource. That and the men realized that it was a real bitch of a job trying to raise kids and used manual labor as an excuse to get out of the house but quick.

        But Ruth did a real bang up job for her day and age. That counts for something, right?

        • Faustian

          The Big Three monotheistic would be Christianity, Judaism and Islam – the Abrahamics. Bhuddism has no diety and Hinduism is technically polytheistic until you get into the henotheistic type ‘everything is an aspect of one god’ stuff.

  4. Dan Genesis

    How is that name so stupidly obvious now that it’s been revealed?

    • David

      They’re etymologically linked 😛 Perhaps the peoples of ancient Mesopotamia carved it into the clay in an ambiguous font too!

  5. LP

    @baka — which is totally different from the vanilla version. “Bitch! Get back in the kitchen, ’cause it’s your fault God kicked us out of our first apartment!” At least Lilith and First Eve got to leave without being cursed with stupidity.

  6. Smit

    Ok, was it just me that thought that the ‘U’ and the ‘H’ looked somewhat similar in that font and had to look back to make sure that she hadn’t just said Lilith twice (and in fact throughout the entire comic)?

    • forestenchantress

      No, not just you. I thought she was saying Lilitu twice. Then I kept staring at the last letter, ‘thinking something wrong/I’m confused’. Not the strangest font issue I’ve seen. In another webcomic, the writer handwrites in caps but doesn’t leave enough space between letters. So when he wrote the word “FLICK” in a family comic, I had to tell him the problem.
      Actually when I first read what Lilith said, I thought she was saying her name was Love. Which for a (mother) nature demon, it kind of makes sense. Of course with the little sleep I’ve had lately, I’m surprised if I make sense.

    • David

      The dangers of typography D:

  7. Fell

    Aww, that tis so cute…… somehow. Oh looky it’s….. MISTER CROWLEY!!!!!!!!! DUH DUH DUH, dunna nunna dunna duh now that song is in my head, Great comic ’tis epicness made tangible

  8. Uhl

    We have been watching with great interest in how you eluded the two arch demons who were empowered to collect you…. Your only hope now is the MERCY OF HELL!

    Crowley: What?

    He He, just a little joke…

  9. Banadux

    WTB Lilith swimsuit calendar.

  10. flibble

    find it funny how she calls him ‘love’

  11. Sarazu

    I’m starting to suspect that Laz is very special to Lilith for another reason……

  12. DragonForLife

    Ha! Knew it!

    Lol could not resist. When i found out that underling had updated on the webcomic list i went YAY! But seriously, dont you dare stop updating this comic. If that happens you will be cursed with a permanent new apartment in DETROIT!!!!


    • David

      Good god, even I would not wish that upon my enemies.

    • LP

      Wait, what’s wrong with that?

      … Now they know where I’m from. OHSHI–

  13. Supertwitfan

    HA! I knew it!

    Now when an adventurer comes up to kill her, she will turn into a dragon and completely catch them off by surprise as their leader cries out “Dammit! I should have grabbed Sten!” (this is a dragon age joke for the first time anyone fights Lilith)

    Now on a serious note of seriousness that makes this sound not serious at all but do not mistake it as not serious for it is serious. Lilith seems concerned on 4th panel… hopefully Laz won’t be stupid enough to shout out a warning cause Lilith seems to want this… or doesn’t expect this and will be completely shocked. Would be funny.

    P.S. say lilith a bunch of times really fast and you will be making a th noise for a few minutes with everything you say.

    • moon

      holy cr@p that say it thing realy works

      • Supertwitfan

        I KNOW RIGHT?!

  14. Anime fan

    Strange, it seems almost sentimental. Like, big sister who can’t do anything about the bully at school sentimental. The bully being Satan is completly irrelevant.

  15. reynard61

    I am loving this comic more and more…

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  16. Missy Chill

    lilith…that’s unexpected. I was think something real spiff and demon-y like…Madelyka or something. idk.

  17. Mike

    I’d love to see some sibling affection twixt the two

    • David

      Laz is like 13 x____x

      • Marscaleb

        Umm, he said SIBLING affection, so eww, what are you thinking of?

        • Marscaleb

          You know what, can I just delete my comment? It might be better that way.

          • flibble

            to late, and only us dirty minded people saw an image in our read when we read that post.

  18. immortalswat14

    ha and I thought it was always saying Lilith

  19. Marscaleb

    Honestly I had re-read that to see the difference. All this while I kept getting confused about what her name was.
    You may notice in most comments I called her Lil’

    And the way she just called him “love” makes me suppose that I should be imagining her with a British accent.
    Or with Gollum’s voice, but that doesn’t seem as pleasing.

    Yeah I’ll say it again, she just doesn’t seem like *quite* the same character she was when we first saw her.

    • reynard61

      “And the way she just called him “love” makes me suppose that I should be imagining her with a British accent.”

      Interesting that you brought that up. I’ve been imagining her with a British accent too. In fact, if this ever gets animated, I could see Billie Piper (“Rose Tyler” from Doctor Who) in the role.

  20. Geoffrey

    She’s either his Mom or his sister. I am going to totally call that.

    • Supertwitfan

      Maybe she is just compassionate? So far nothing too far out cliche has ruined this comic for me. Although a few predictabilities where easily seen. but that’s okay. I love being able to predicte half of the things and mess up on the other half, makes you second your second guessing of your second self… … … lolwut?

    • Marscaleb

      I’m betting that his mom was like an actual human. That’s why he looks so human, and also was the only way they could get him to appear human in our world.
      Sister is totally possible though, but really weird since she called him sweetheart.

      • Geoffrey

        Actually it is pretty normal for an older sister to call anyone, especially little brothers “sweetheart”.

  21. ambuh

    i like the last two panels. very movie-esque

    • David

      Thanks! I’m happy with how those turned out =)

  22. Mike

    @ Geoffrey, thank you

  23. Eis

    Did you notice the bird skull feathers and circle remnants in the second (showing Lilith) pannel? Do I sense more to this ambush?! Attack from without and within?!?

    Yes, not all my comments are mindless sillyness using anonymity to avoid (well deserved) mockery.

  24. Enigma

    Actuality the terms she is using could be mean nothing do to the fact I have a good friend that dose the same thing to her closer friends more so if she is being serious about some thing that has her worried about them.

  25. Umm...

    oooohhh yeeaaahhh
    Macho man Randy Savage gets ten cents everytime someone does that.

  26. xscythe7x

    Yay I was right in my comment a few dekapages ago! YES!
    Wait, then he can’t trust her Lilith is a backstabbing jerk who kills her husband…

  27. Voidreth

    Ha! Knew it!

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