Page Ninety One: Out of Place

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  1. approvedjunk

    Wow, awesome strip today. Really makes you think. Love the comic and always wait for an update, the story has pulled me in that well. Keep up the awesome work!!

  2. BakaGrappler

    Aww man, how cruel of the universe. It’s only after Laz is taken away from his life that he’s going to discover that some people around him actually care about him.

    • David

      Yeah, existence can be pretty terrible some times. And Laz hasn’t even seen the worst yet!

      • runedeadthA

        You can’t possibly mean… All the cookies are gone?….. no…no….nooooooo!!!!!!

  3. Faraway

    Well I’ll be. Do we get to see Jen and her hubbie? With faces, or do they remain unseen until… say, until both them and Laz go to some seers in two different worlds and the connection is shortly established? I can just imagine the conversation! 🙂

  4. flibble

    quick laz possess someone!

    • Uhl

      He doesn’t know how. Unless Laz is dreaming here, it’s also quite disturbing that the cops aren’t out looking for him. I’d think Laz being a trouble maker would give the police MORE incentive to find him, not LESS.

      • Starcat5

        But they ARE out looking for him. They just don’t want to tell her that they have “Shoot on sight” orders when they find him. *VEG*

      • Damien


        It sounds like his foster mother is calling the cops about that.

        • Uhl

          Yes, and they’re hanging up on her, doing their best to be uninterested.

  5. Paul Rose

    The Plot Think-ins. Still love you comic David ^^

  6. Umm...

    Rule No.1: Always dress nicely when calling the police.
    Rule No.2: Demons have to have pointy tongues. No exceptions.
    Rule No.3: Don’t know what you got till it’s gone.

  7. Anime fan

    ? wtf?

    • David

      what is this i don’t even

  8. DragonForLife

    he is invisible for her. LIKE A KECLEON!

    • emberwest

      Pokemon refs FTW!

  9. Supertwitfan

    Mom I’m right here, and look, tail and horns ^^

  10. Supertwitfan

    btw, love facial expression on the first panel.

  11. Magus655

    Neat comic i wonder hows this heading…

    I guess just a heartwarming regretful reveal for him but still always nice to watch those play out.

    • David

      This has gotta be a mixed bag for the poor kid

  12. Graham

    Apparently, he can play video games with no console and a detached controller.

    Damn, he IS the son of Satan!

    • Abeo

      They have these newfangled things called “wireless controllers”. They can even transmit through cabinet doors!

  13. Silverblob5

    Frankly, if that’s what’s involved in the apocalypse, I’m less than worried.

    • Supertwitfan

      The video game or the game over. I don’t want a game over, but when I die and I’m passing into whatev after life is waiting for me I want a big deep voice telling me “GAME OVER! You’ve been killed by liver disease.”

  14. Topazert

    Is he playing resident evil?

  15. Jenn the hen

    I have the strange feeling that she would be more worried if she could see him and his new demon parts.

  16. Eis

    I think the game’s a James Bond parody, its the first thing I thought of when I saw the circle in the lower left. Kinda like the rifling they use in openings and as a health bar.

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