Page Ninety Four: Dream Talk

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  1. Anime fan

    Ah phsychology, the most rewarding class I ever took.

  2. The One Guy

    Dishonesty is always far more effective when you tell the truth.

    • Magus655

      very true. Most of the achetypal evil villians know this including Palpatine from Star Wars.

      I like Lilitu very much for this. Not many things are better to see this conversation occuring. Far more interesting than her previous exposition piece.

      • Miri

        The awesomely crazy thing is that she’s not quite evil, either. Oh, she’s certainly not GOOD, and is definitely following her own plans, here, but she doens’t seem to be quite EVIL.

  3. Silver Guardian

    I was starting to wonder when someone would turn his ‘tude against him. šŸ™‚

    • David

      It was inevitable, wasn’t it?

  4. Luis

    Nice comic, keep it up šŸ˜€

  5. nonsane

    I love Lilitu, I love this comic, and I love Lazarus’s attitude! The only bad thing about this comic is that I don’t know what happens next! I can’t wait for the next page.

    • David

      I promise to keep the pages coming! You’ll have your plot resolution someday!

      In the meantime, thanks =)

  6. Supertwitfan

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww, the silly half truths that have been famously known to mess with people have come to punch Laz now.

  7. Missy Chill

    I wonder….What if Laz….GOT A GIRLFRIEND!!! Which is bound to happen…eventually, but what if it was…like…..hrm….idk, some captured thing that was, like, an aura light soul chick but was really bitchy and Laz got really in to her but she totally doesn’t like him until later? Or is that going to happen with the cat lady….SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

    • Magus655

      Eat a chill pill man lol…

      Hes a bit young for serious romance… though i kinda wish to see how his and Lilitu’s relationship develops.

  8. DragonForLife



    *poofs off in a cloud of red smoke while lightning is heard in the background and my evil laugh is slowly fading before its no longer heard leaving no trace of me being here making this a uber awesome post*

  9. Eis

    Huh. What he needs now is a Dimension Sword and Link’s Mirror Sheild to take down this beasty…
    KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!…no wait, that makes it stronger…

    • Eis

      btw, a Dimension Sword (as defined by me) is a blade displaced in space, it cuts by intersecting objects with its dimensional pocket, esentially increasing the distance between its parts, this allows its weilder to slice pretty much anything including various energy patterns.(Magic here being defined as the manipulation of energy)
      I’m good huh?

  10. van cleef mother of pearl bracelet knock off

    Merely needed to state Iā€™m happy that i came onto your website!

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