Page Ninety Five: Catastrophe Anxiety

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  1. kwah


  2. emberwest

    Love the angels and the fire swords!

  3. LP

    I think the 4th Lilith speech bubble missed a “you” between “torture” and “into”.

    • David

      Hurp a durp. Fixed. I’m terrible for using my readers as spellcheckers XD

      • mokon

        we don’t mind

  4. DragonForLife

    yay. Just what i needed. A boost of awesomeness after the first day at school

  5. The Jester

    Is it just me, or does one of the angels have stubble, there?

    • Uhl

      Nope, it’s not you. Apparently, it’s there to show “male” and “female” angels since the other angel is turned the wrong way for showing more obvious differences. Special note: Lilitu’s speech bubble just before Laz’s “What!? That’s bull-” is actually accurate from the book of Revelations.

      • David

        Someone knows their books!

  6. Draconis Noir

    What? I get that the kingdom of earth must fade, but isn’t the kingdom of Heaven the kingdom of God anyway?
    Not to mention, what is this plan of the Angels?

    • David

      Hell if I know on that first one! That’s something to ask a priest.

      I’m pretty sure the plan of the angels is to beat up the devil and take all the good monotheists to heaven or something.

    • Asbestos

      I only used to be religious, but I have my own interpretation for this. In the past, people tended to think of religion in a much more concrete way: if you look for descriptions of heaven you find ones of streets paved with gold and such rather than feelings of peace and wholeness like you might expect. Nowadays we seem to think of religion with pre-rendered emotion rather than normal thoughts- realizing that was a major factor in my mental crossover to not caring about religion. But when you look at the bible, it gives the impression of heaven being another place. A well-off place free of death, but not really one where societal structures would be totally different. So in Heaven and in Earth, paradigms shift. And in Heaven and in Earth, God’s followers must remain.

  7. Supertwitfan

    Hooray for my favorite time of the day.

  8. Starcat5

    Boring talking? I see no boring talking here. Also, if Lilitu is playing the part of Crowley (as opposed to Mr. Crowley), who is playing the part of Aziraphale? (Anyone here who DOESN’T get the reference needs to read more.)

  9. TomeWyrm

    Boring talking? Sure it’s not awesome cat-woman going all awesomely bad-ass swords-woman on some nasty adversaries. But I (sure I’m not alone here) like some of the background and scheming and plotting and all the other dialogue-ey bits. You do it well, and lets me suspend my disbelief just a little bit better. Knowing WHY something happened, will happen, or can/could/might happen adds to the verisimilitude.

    I did have to google Azairaphale, but that’s mostly because I’m new to Terry Pratchett and haven’t read any Neil Gaiman, as of yet. TvTropes and World of Warcraft will ruin your life and rot your brain respectively… but you just keep coming back for more.

  10. Enrico

    hehe epic. Bookmark

  11. Banadux

    Lilitu is smoking hot as usual.

  12. Marscaleb

    Lil’ looks a little different than she did in the past, ever since Laz fell asleep. Her jaw is rounder I think, her face structure is a little different.

    …Did you get a new actress to play her?

    • Umm...

      I think it’s a more motherly side of Lil. Softer around the edges.

      The prices of ads has gone way up.

  13. hollow

    does one of the angels have a snake tail?

    • Marscaleb

      No, that’s a different webcomic.
      And that angel doesn’t so much have a Snaketail as she just travels with one.

      • reynard61

        “Slightly Damned” reference for the win!!!

  14. BakaGrappler

    Just because the Angels themselves want the apocalypse to happen doesn’t mean that God and Jesus want it to happen. Sure, it’s written in the bible that God is sorry for creating man in the first place, but it also says that God is love. If God didn’t love us and want to redeem as many of his children as possible, Jesus would never have been born since he is the Sacrificial Lamb that took our sins by proxy of his death so that we were made clean enough to enter into the presence of God.

    Oh, and Jesus was a cool guy. Always using stories to try and dumb down his messages to people, kind of like Tech Support guiding laymen into fixing their modems. And his Sermon on the Mound is the basis of all civilized morality. I’ve always liked Penny-Arcades rendition of him since that seems close to how he would act.

    The angels on the other hand…whenever God needed someone killed he would send angels, Heaven’s Hitmen. Sodom and Ghammorah? Angels evacuated the one family that were not monsters before they were annihilated. An entire army was slain in a night by angels as well. Angels are the soldiers of God as much as they are the messengers and guardians. And I’m willing to bet that that remaining 2/3rds of Heaven is champing at the bit to finish the fight started so long ago. Michael and Gabriel especially since Lucifer was a close friend of theirs.

    And from what I recall offhand from the Bible, Satan would be cast into the darkness to be forever cast down and powerless. I’m probably wrong though.

    • ambuh

      where is it implied that Lucifer and the other Archangels were buddies?

  15. Ricochetra

    The angels look so cool! 😀

  16. tWiCHY

    WOOOHOOO Lilitu is a good demon lol

  17. ambuh

    i can’t wait to see how you handle armageddon. are you going to make it at all like the book of Revelation?

  18. Miri

    ….why did I hear Lilitu’s last line like some cheezy Power Rangers thing?

    “It’s SCHEMIN’ time!”

  19. Broseph

    Hm…I guess it’s time to stop reading these comments entirely.

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