Chapter Five: Heritage

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  1. Faraway

    Is it just me not seeing comments or mine is the first?

    Good sign seeing a new growth on the barren land, mind you.

  2. SoulVici

    Let’s see here. Large mountains, perpetually dark moody skies, stonehenge.

    Ergo the underworld is in England.

    Hopefully lazarus’ group doesn’t have to deal with any demonic chavs.

  3. Anime fan

    Once again, Why is life mussing up my nice little patch of apocolypse? -stamps out- -two more pop out- -shoots- -ten more- -eye twitching- oh, COME ON!! lol

    • Marscaleb

      Those darn Mormons and their irrigation systems.

      • Silver Guardian

        No, it’s not Mormons, it’s CRYSTA!

        (+5 awesome points to the first person to identify the reference.)

        • BakaGrappler


          Google is a frightening thing.

          • Anime fan

            damn glorified flies.

          • Silver Guardian


            “You gained a blue awesome point! This is worth five awesome points.”

        • Anime fan

          I find you awesome -gattel smack- court adjourned.

  4. Supertwitfan

    It’s nice and shiny… and makes a weird noise when I’m around it… *You have successfully harvested Nirnroot* only 99 more to go >:)

  5. Nihilist

    Shiny green leaf is amazing. c: Mesmerizing…

  6. lmfao

    Great job ripping off supernatural.

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