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  1. cwDeici


  2. Animie fan

    aaahh, that takes me back to the 12th century. stabing someone wasn’t considered rude it was even accepted as a way to end a conversation. the whole black plague was a good cover up for that. heh heh i love my job

  3. Warriorking4ver

    CRAP! Demonic ally at twelve o’clock? Guess now we get to see how evil this kid really is depending on how he reacts to seeing an innocent security guard murdered before his eyes…

  4. Umm...

    Oh, well that is just nice.

  5. runedeadthA

    Look, we keep telling that guy, you ARN’T allowed to let people ride the Arghgargle!

    • David

      … I like your style.

  6. NightcastleX7

    I love this guy, mainly because Ican relate so much to him.

    ..Except for the part with the hot mirror demon.

  7. Dani

    I love his nose!

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