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  1. Josh

    Sorry to say, little dude, but EVERY school has its resident population of douchebags xD

  2. Warriorking4ver

    Yeah, can’t blame the kid for being the way he is when the students ALL seem to be little douchebags, but he’s the one in danger of being expelled and his mother is obviously worried sick about him…Schools tend to be edgy when people uses explosives on their grounds, even just fireworks

    • Dani

      *Maniacal laughter* Oh, gods… the sweet memories of vengence. Kids, never piss off a gifted kid who reads Machiavelli and Poe in her spare time. Especially if she’s inclined to use that kinda brain for a gloriously twisted vengeance.

      • Mutterscrawl

        Shoot I wish I’d caught that awhile back.

        Sounds like whoever posted this has good stories to tell.

      • Kage Neco

        can you give me some tips?

  3. Umm...

    Such a nice school, don’t you agree?

  4. Neo

    Thermite_In_Locker would be an awesome Alias. Can I use that?

  5. Silverwolf

    Ah yes, kid prison. If you’re popular, you get away with murder, sometimes even literally. If you’re not, not only can you not get away with the least infraction, you often end up accused for someone else’s wrongdoings.

  6. Tarcival

    thermite… you gotta love the stuff…

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