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  1. Faraway

    Seeing how confused the guy was when Lazarus Woosh’ed past him, I can say that clearly, Laz will have a very, very good head start . The question is, does he have the stamina to back it up successfully? Because from his being drained by the walk during the night, I’d say not very likely.

    • Aslandus

      He can bury himself in the sand, the other chick was doing it so it must work

  2. Wyld_Werewolf

    Run Lazarus, run!!

  3. Rich

    run short demon boy run!!!!if a 350 pound 15 year old can run 1 mile non stop you can to!!

  4. Warriorking4ver

    Clearly Laz has the makings of a great hero LOL XD

    Can’t blame him though, i wouldn’t want to fight a sword swinging goblinoid with my bare hands either if I could avoid it

  5. Dread Pirate Lee

    Laz is also running on all fours. GO LAZ, LEARN FROM THE BEST! RUN LIKE A NOGISTUNE!!

  6. Din182

    Um, why is he on all fours in the last panel?

  7. grimmasthereaper

    wow an inteligent protaganist (and author) normaly the protaganist will develope insane super powers (writer blunder) or end up mortaly wounded (protaganist blunder) its nice to see a protaganist with brains instead of brawn

  8. rennat951

    go! laz! go!

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