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  1. Jack Munroe

    Where’s Dies Horribly when you need him?

    • Hideninsight

      lol last I saw he was in a room similar, maybe the same decorator.

    • Jess

      A crossover *would* be kinda cool.
      Not gonna happen, but awesome nonetheless.

  2. Kaden

    A fall that far onto splintering wood makes me wonder if he has some invulnerability to go with his powerful claws.

  3. ferguson

    hmmm not bad read the full comic and I think Ill stick around to see how it unfolds I may not spell adiquitly or get grammar right but ill still give this a good review

  4. Faraway

    Whoever is in here is not going to like the intruding party. Laz is in for it – not that he wasn’t before.

    • David

      Poor kid is just in a constant state of ‘in for it’, isn’t he?

      • Faraway

        Well you know, some of the times he brings it upon himself. Really, summoning a demon lord to his homeworld, albeit unsuccesssfully, is more than enough to warrant his current predicament as ‘poetic justice’! 🙂

        • David

          When it comes to mythology, the only trouble you get is what you make.

          And everyone always ends up in a ton of trouble >: 3

  5. Animie fan

    this place screams snake people

    • David

      Screaming temples are scary!

      • Jasper

        Very scary, i tend to avoid the screaming ones, tend to go for the haunted and monster infested ones instead.

  6. Clox and Clockwork

    lol laz cant seem to get a break can he?

    • Silver Guardian

      Oh, I don’t know about that; from what I’ve seen so far, I’d say he breaks plenty of things. XD

  7. Rich

    dude lessen to my advise short demon dude!Get a new job and a beer YOU NEED IT!!!!!!

  8. Darsk

    Um . . . the dildo looking thing in the second panel is what would really scare me.

  9. runedeadthA

    Hurrah he hasn’t fallen to common complacency of most of todays kids! Seriously, i bet if you picked any one kid off the streets and dumped them in a hidden temple they would expect Lit torches to be a given. Psh, kids these days.

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