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  1. Silver Guardian

    I saw the background on the chapter title page, and then I saw this temple, and I KNEW that we’d be seeing her again somewhere around here.

    Loving this comic; more please!

    • David

      Thank you! I’ll keep working on it I promise 😀 I’ll be going to 3 updates a week as soon as I can sustain such a thing as well!

  2. Coatillion

    so is he gonna become dinner again? 😀

    • David

      Potentially! He might also end up being a scratching post.

      • Coatillion

        both sound quite painful

  3. ssjarchon

    Who says she hasn’t changed clothes since we last saw her?

  4. mrasmus

    Site admin here, testing a theory and reporting that the Archives page is up! Going to clean it up and modify it heavily, but it’s got basic functionality so I think it deserves to live right now.

  5. Faraway

    From the fire and in the flame! The Kittygirl has found herself bound despite her best efforts. Were the bonds of Hymenaios that bad of an alternative?

    But more seriously, they are both in trouble now. She was not in that position willingly, and I suspect Laz has those warriors in pursuit still. They have better chances if they cooperate, but given the way thier first meeting went, I highly doubt Laz will agree to it without some serious arguing.

  6. Donald

    I agree with Faraway, but i think if they cooperate they would be in deep manure anyway.

  7. Animie fan

    haha bitch had it coming. karmas a real pain in the ass isn’t it? lol

  8. A Fan

    Hey. Just read through the archive, and I’m really enjoying this so far. I look forward to seeing what happens next. Here’s hoping you can keep to a consistent schedule!

    • David

      I hope so too! I’ve been working on getting a buffer up, and I’m making comics faster than I need to keep updating on time but not quite fast enough for three a week. Hopefully I’ll get that worked out eventually…

      Also thanks for readin’!

  9. wannabe

    Hey, You gotta teach me how to draw this, do you use adobe photoshop? Anyway love your work keep it up!

  10. Rich


  11. Warriorking4ver

    Uh oh…Laz is seriously the last person I’d want to see if I was tied up and helpless after knocking him out cold in the desert to ward off a hunting party O_O

    I can’t feel too sorry for her though, she did leave Laz to die in her place afterall so its not like she’s any more innocent than he or anyone else we’ve met is…Though I must wonder who got the drop on a tough gal like her…

  12. Dread Pirate Lee

    Hey Hey! She’s back!! Free the poor thing Laz!

  13. G.Ghost

    is the repeated ‘the’ (first frame, 4th bubble) a typo or a stutter? if it is a stutter put something between the “the”s. it just bothers me when i see that.

    anyway i started this comic this night and its starting to show some of the characteristics of the other web comics i read, and i like it

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