Interlude: Mister Alarming

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  1. D_K_Head

    …now i’m going to have that song stuck in my head all day.


  2. Faraway


  3. EveryZig

    Song? The snake demon named Crowley I remember was from a book (Good Omens). But I suppose that Crowley does not seem like a major series villain type…

    • David

      Oh, Good Omens was a wonderful book! Both of the authors behind that book(Gaiman, Pratchett) are big inspirations to me.

      But this Crowley is based off is a famous english cultist type in the early 20th century. Actually I believe that’s where the name comes from in Good Omens, too. If you ever see a nefarious sort of character with this name it’s probably homage to the old guy, whether the character’s author knows it or not.

      Edit: Oh, and the song is “Mr Crowley” by one Ozzy Osbourne =P

      • Dani

        Gaiman and Pratchett make quite the team. Here’s hoping for more of their works (and Crowley was my favourite character by far!)

    • Wraithwing11

      Crowley, an angel who did not truly fall, but sauntered vaguely downwards. Terry Pratchett is one of the best authors ever.

  4. Kaden

    Song by Ozzy Osbourne. Click on my name for the link to it.

    • David

      Whoops. Bots thought you were spam. Sorry ’bout that.

  5. Devilmark

    Oh sure, thanks…now I have to listen to that song. You’re damn lucky I love Aleister Crowley and Ozzy Osbourne. lol

  6. Uhl

    Ah, yes. Read that book “omens” too. That was funny! Especially the telemarketing part.

    • David

      I liked the bit about switching around construction cones to have London’s freeways built into an evil symbol.

  7. A Fan

    I have mentally dubbed this setting “Creepy Floaty Rock World”. It will take a narrative crowbar to extricate this name from my mind.

  8. Animie fan

    freshly dead fire, floating rocks, cultist robe. umm this is bad.

  9. Rich

    hummmm what has happened….MUST KEEP READING!!!

  10. Warriorking4ver

    Oh dear….That cult guy is NOT gonna be happy when he crosses paths with Laz again and learns his Dark Lord’s power has been sealed inside of him O_O

    • Norm

      Big help, big help. And supreltavie news of course.

  11. LS

    I thought of the demon from Good Omens when I first saw this page as well. Sad that I didn’t comment first, though.

    Anyways, new-time reader of your comic, and I think the plot is very interesting and the art is a good deal better than most beginning webcomics I’ve seen. I will keep reading!

    • David

      Thank you very much! I forced myself to start this comic no matter what in order to improve my art skills. I think it’s really paying off, but I love doing the comic now too! Hope you enjoy it.

  12. Neo

    D: is that what I think it is?

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