Page Forty Nine: A Heated Discussion

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  1. Magus65

    I wonder what she has in her devious mind that she wants to go after Lazarus :)… She’ll have to ditch her assigned monitors though (beasties sent by him to esnure shes doind her job).

  2. Faraway

    And… Who’s Lazarus’ progenitor? It’s certainly another question worth asking… And it may just mean his current form is no fluke!

    And Lilitu was so delightfully naughty-eager in the fifth panel! 😀

  3. Zammarian

    I’m Thinking the Progenitor is his father….

  4. Animie fan

    she’s gonna walk up drop her top and he’s gonna be to damn ego-maniacal to give her a response. that why i respect that little lunatic, and i don’t like the way hes smiling.

  5. Online Comics

    You should totally add your comic to to get more readers. =]

  6. Silver Guardian

    Hmmm… The thick plottens… lol

  7. BigBear68

    maybe i’m wrong, but i think goatees really aren’t what the Prince Of Darkness should wear, i think he should have one of those Mesopotamian beards like Hammurabi etc have, mostly cuz of the Locus comic; those kinds of beards are significantly more badass and epic and fitting for an aeons-old being

  8. Warriorking4ver

    Lilitu is SO CUTE in minion form, but i do look forward to seeing her hot form again soon. Anywho, it seems to me Laz did what he did because as big a brat as he is he never wanted to unleash the devil himself upon the world, just gain magic power to punish people with (Laz is bad but he’s not destroy the world bad).

    And it looks like Satan plans on partnering Lilly with demons he can trust to keep her in line, uh oh


    genetic? hmm i wonder…

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