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  1. Coatillion

    So a cat thief and a sarcastic demon are sitting in an ancient vault… 😀

    • Miri

      Thre’s a joke there somewhere.

  2. Silver Guardian

    I like him. He’s got a ‘tude, and he’s not afraid to use it. XD

    And I like her too. Even tied up, she don’t take no shit from nobody.

  3. Uhl

    I don’t recall anyone trying to actually EAT him (in any sense of the word) back in Oakland. Then again, maybe that was a REAAALY bad highschool.. In which case, the Zymtex was more than justified.

    • David

      Heh, that was just me taking a pot shot at the city. It’s kind of got a reputation around California(and anywhere the Raiders have played) as being in general a terrible neighborhood.

      • Miri

        No real Californian would criticize that. Oakland’s nasty.

  4. Kaden

    If I had to guess I would say he had been beaten up in school before, and since he got away here, he might think it is better.

    • Aslandus

      At least here, only one person has directly tried to murder him and the rest either had other reasons for being jerks or were relatively polite…

  5. ibegeek

    Do you use adobe photoshop?

    • David

      Yep! This comic’s pretty much entirely digitally done. Use an intuos tablet and photoshop.

  6. D_K_Head

    Nice comic dude, found it recently, and it certainly shows a lot of promise, both with the quality of the art and the writing. Keep it up!

    • David

      Thank you very much! I’d like to think that it’s only going to get better =)

  7. Faraway

    I keep wondering… You know, if this was some over-the-top drama, I would make a shot of someone striking the back of Laz’s throne with something big, pointy and chitinous.

    Awesome second panel, that’s for sure!

  8. Magus65

    Yes i gotta say i love his attitude in this panel. Its absolutely endearing 🙂 Somehting I’d probably do to her if I was in the same situation…

    I found this comic by chance looking through links and I gotta say I’m very much looking forward to its continuation. Cant wait to see what else this little imp has in store for us.

    • David

      I think schadenfreude is the driving force behind my writing. I try to make everybody entirely likable while still being so flawed you can comfortably enjoy watching them get into terrible trouble.

  9. Random Person

    This is neat and funny. The kid has a brain and is not afraid to use it. Too many “character from Earth thrust into another realm” comics or stories I’ve seen online had the character either too prepared for it or too dumb to live (but still lives due to Deus Ex Machina).

    The only thing that poses a problem to enjoying the story is the simple fact that it’s being told by Laz himself. It’s not a problem. It’s just that when a story is narrated by the main character it usually means that no matter what dire situation they face you know they will survive it. This method of presenting a story ruins the feeling of danger up to where the character reaches the place they are narrating from but the journey tends to be more than interesting to make up for such a spoil. It’s a sort of tradeoff really.

    I look forward to how this plays out. I wish you luck (and the kid too but we know he’s going to live).

    • Magus65

      There are far worse things than Death… random person 😛 He is in hell after all or at least a deminsion close to it by the accounts of the cat woman.

      Being alive to tell the story doesnt nessarilty befret him of a bad ending for him. Though I personally hope not its certainly a possiblity.

    • David

      Death is kind of hard to make stick in mythology. There aren’t too many situations, even where characters do die, that leaves them unable or unwilling to contribute to the story.

      I don’t think people would like any of my more realistic stories because I Whedon all the best characters all the time XD

      Of course, if I made things all smiles and sunshine I’d hardly be doing my inspirations any justice, either. ‘Life sucks, and then you gouge your own eyes out with lapel pins’, as the old plays go.

      • Random Person

        I suppose that is true.

        HA! If that’s a reference to what I think it was… Oedipus Rex right?

        • David

          Hehe, yep! Good call.

  10. Rich


  11. Warriorking4ver

    Caught with her claws in the cookie jar, with only a devil boy she left to die in the desert to help her…Not her best day is it? XD

    I love how cute she looks as a chibi, and I like how their “partnership” is being forged bit by bit, more interesting this way

  12. Occoris

    i always get inherently happy when i see someone else using the oakland joke. I spend so much time speaking with out-of-state/country people who don’t understand D:

    • David

      I guess it’s one of those places you have to see for yourself…

  13. Silverwolf

    And still nowhere near as bad as Torrance.

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