Page Forty Five

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  1. Silver Guardian

    They’re HEEEEEeeeeere. lol

    Still loving this. Still wanna see more.

  2. Faraway

    Bet ya all a no-prize and imaginary cookie he slashes the ropes with his hands! 😛

  3. Picky intruder #4 from the left

    0_o Is that a chibi in the 4th panel? Interesting, also why does Lazes hair always shine? He looks like he sort of glows white on his head although that could have it’s uses. 😀

  4. Coatillion

    I like her expression in panel 2 😀

    • David

      I think her two favorite emotional states are infuriated and smug. Usually a little bit of both.

      • Coatillion

        My cat had that expression when he tripped me down a flight of stairs

  5. Animie fan

    fight fight fight!! hope there’s fireballs I <3 explosions

    • David

      I can neither confirm nor deny that the situation will be solved in part by fire. It might be wise to grab the marshmallows though. Nudge nudge.

      Sadly we will have to wait a week or two to find out! Interesting things need covered in other parts of the universe.

  6. Rich


  7. Warriorking4ver

    This is getting interesting! I honestly hope they do become friends eventually, but i like how for now they’re only working together because they need eachother to survive, which makes sense since they are both clearly rotten people. He’s a brat who nearly destroyed the world and made a deal with a demon, and she would appear to be a bandit of somesort (but who apparently is being stalked by a Rajput)

  8. Dread Pirate Lee

    Her expression in panel 2 is very cute. How has he not already let her out?

  9. Umm...

    One of those monkeys is good at telling jokes.

  10. Miri

    CHibi Lars in panerl 4 is, I think, one of your best chibis to date. You’re right, you definitely are getting better.

    • Aslandus

      All Hellbucks employees are required to have adorable mini versions for display purposes. Remember to check back with your manager about transportation if you find yourself outside the realm you were sent after being hired. As always, remember to smile!

  11. ohmikeghod

    Captivating story, excellent artwork. Why has this comic been abandoned for over one year?

    • David

      I, er, wait what? I’ve been updating twice a year for the entire last year! Although I’m doing one-a-week updates for a few weeks to take it easier on myself. There should be, um, over a hundred pages after this comic. Try deleting your cookies or something?

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