Page Forty Eight: Devil May Throw a Hissy Fit

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  1. Animie fan

    OMG it’s the finger from hell!! lol i’m first yay

    • David

      He takes ‘Giving someone the finger’ to a whole new, face-melting level.

      • Animie fan

        i’d get the marhmellows but they’d probly burn… ah who the hell cares. that’d be a great story i ate marhmellows roasted by Satans fire haha!

        • Miyoshi

          *praying that “animie” is just a typo of Anime and you don’t really believe thats how it’s spelt, but based on the fact you cant spell Mashmallows either … im just gonna guess your very “special” >_<

          • Dani

            Now, now; with your grammer, you really shouldn’t mock others’ spelling.

  2. LCII^Bun-Bun


    Don’t be mean vs Lilitu! WE wuv her! :p

    Also, both forms are adorable, all be it in two different ways! :p

  3. Faraway

    Wow awesome Finger of Dread Lord!

    I can’t help but think of last century military recruiting posters you know!
    Like these two:

    • Faraway

      And forgot to add – you should make a promo artwork out of it!

      • David

        I want you! For my army of the damned?

        • Faraway

          Maybe. Or something like an ad : “Underling comic awaits YOU!”

  4. Alpha Maeko

    teh poke of d00m!

  5. Anon

    Niiiice. Rule 34 on Big Bad Guy!!

    • David

      Everyone is nekkid in mythology! If I used classical depictions of all of my characters this would be an adult comic.

      Heck, I’m trying to avoid lots of mythology just because it’s so dirty to begin with. 34’ing a lot of religious stuff is redundant.

  6. Silver Guardian

    I had to look twice at the second panel; between the shape of his horns, the sparks stretching across his face, and the claws, he looked like some kind of anthromorph hellcat.

    Also, shining finger ftw. ;-J

  7. Magus65

    awsome. Though im wondering if hes throwing a hissy fit or really suspecting her for undermining his efforts.

    Probably a bit of both he wants someone to blame and hes only barely tolerated her due to her usefulness despite her “indiscritions” which makes him very suspect of her.

    • Magus65

      I wonder what will happen to her… maybe she’ll meet up with Laz soon then and plot her revenge with him 🙂

  8. Rich

    BRID hes back from hell…..ON A NEW HAND!!!

  9. ST.Eico

    lazer *pew pew*

  10. Narcissistic Freak

    I want YOU to join satans army

  11. Warriorking4ver

    Uh oh….Lilly’s screwed O_O

  12. Neo

    I, for one, am not for seeing the ‘bus turned inside-out…

  13. Aslandus

    In the event of you manager suddenly bursting into flames, all Hellbucks employees are encouraged to continue about their schedule until a new manager has been assigned. Remember to greet your new manager graciously, as they will be deciding whether you go through hell or simply purgatory.

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