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  1. cwDeici

    It’s impressive that he gets As in every class, but his political views seem to point otherwise.
    Your country is well within its rights to run its benign regime change operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Comparing them to near-peer solutions such as the Soviet invasion and occupation in Afghanistan renders no likeness.
    I can only presume the author is not as smart as his character or that the character is prejudiced and has not applied his intellect to studying geopolitics.

    • Jason

      um.. though true, is the “…blowing up third world countries…” author’s opinion/ gonna pop up again or not, cus I’ve seen what we’re fighting, am pro military, and am NOT gonna put up with these comments. I’d like to know if I need to go to another web comic

      • David

        Laz’s world views aren’t going to show up very often past this point for obvious reasons(e.g. he’s off in crazy land). However, it’s a pretty fundamental part of Laz’s pre-teen perspective and thought process, the demonstration of which was the point of this page. If this renders you unwilling to read the comic, I certainly won’t lose any sleep.

  2. cwDeici

    Actually, ‘comparing’ them to near-peer “solutions” is actually flawed. The SU did not have casus belli for its invasion and genocidal operations in the Hindu Kush region (that means Hindu Slaughter in Hindi btw., a name that goes with the number 600,000,000).

  3. cwDeici

    Though that actually refers to a full milennia of muslim on Hindu persecution, not SU on Afghans or Hindus naturally.

    What I’m saying is that intelligence is not the same as knowledge or understanding. I may have a 135-145 IQ myself, but there’s plenty of things I do not know because I have not studied them.
    However it is in the human mind to reject uncertainty in favor of belief.

    As to the comic plot itself in general: Seems great so far. I’m definitely reading up to latest.

  4. cwDeici

    If the character wants to criticize American policies it would be more correct to criticize America’s history of propping up dictatorships and revolutionary groups in Latin America and Africa. Or for example extracting from Vietnam (though as we Asians (I’m half) know they were winning) and then refusing to even provide monetary support for the southern government thus leading to its military defeat in the second northern post-withdrawal invasion.
    Or refusing to secure the eastern part of the Yalu river over diplomatic fear thus leading to China’s (my own nation’s) ability to retake North Korea, thus plunging the country into an abyss. Fighting America in the Korean war is what led to the Chinese-Russian split, but it was also what led China (half of which was quite scared of an American invasion) to suppose American weakness and thus daring to involve us in the Vietnam war.

    America has committed many minor sins after she became a superpower and a few big ones before it happened (among them the persecution of Indians, Acadians and the poor treatment of blacks and asians), but it has been a far greater positive external influence on the world in that time in many ways political, economic and militarily. It’s greatest sin in the last hundred years has been its weakness, not it’s jingoism. While decadent Europeans (I’m also half-Norwegian) are usually not jingoist at all this does not make America an arrogant power. Asian and black jingoism in general is much worse. And the ferocious Islamic jingoism makes American jingoism pale like a ghost.

    Your enlightened mind sees that America’s methods are imperfect, which is true at times (albeit far more of it then you know is propaganda); but what you do not see is that America tries to be good, often succeeds and that much of the rest of the world is quite dark indeed and in need of your imperfect light.
    Do remember that your own side uses propaganda to reinforce its beliefs. Amnesty International (which I support financially) for example is an organization which lies frequently, not something most people would expect.

    One page among many that I wouldrecommend if you want to learn about the true state of US military operations today is
    Another thing I would recommend if one can afford a great roadtrip is to travel to the Pashtun refugee displacement camps in Pakistan where the refugees are at liberty to express their feelings and ask them how they feel about the Predator drone strikes. There is news on this, but you might want to try it out yourself. See if they prefer the rule of the Taliban, Pakistani army artillery strikes or US drones. (Actually they said they wanted more US drone strikes and none of the other, but I leave it to you to verify this of course.)

    Most media unfortunately these days are either profit-minded mainstream television companies or isolated bloggers.
    Whatever you do, look for facts, demographics, feelings, motivations, history. Please do not ignore any of them.

    Sometimes the truth is the obvious and sterotypical, while other times it knotted and tangled up. An emphasis on either of these without a few hundred hours of verification is usually bias.

    • RHJunior

      “Those who who once accused America of “propping up dictators” are now sputtering in bilious fury because she deposed one.”

      We did prop up dictators during the cold war. Because the alternative was far worse— to let the Soviet Union prop them up, and then devour them.

      As one analyst of the period pointed out with insight and alacrity, most tyrants, while terrible, are willing to let the lesser things of civilization— social institutions such as churches, families, and schools— remain standing, because it makes their tinpot regime easier to rule. Totalitarians on the other hand— such as Communists, National Socialists, Fascists, etc— are set upon burning EVERYTHING to the ground and remaking the world in their ideological image. We tolerated despots because we knew that, when their time came to fall, something of their countries would still be standing.

      • David

        I know that hindsight is perfect and all, but can you really say that former Soviet properties(Estonia, Ukraine) are worse off than the ones that the US meddled in – like Iraq and Afghanistan? The former have higher GDPs, lower crime rates, distinctly lower production rate of suicide bombers, and so forth.

        I’m fine with going in and fixing our mistakes – like Saddam. And any other dictator, really.

        However, putting an extremist warlord in charge of a country in the first place is just never a good idea. Doesn’t matter why you do it.

  5. cwDeici

    *cough* of course, as mentioned earlier this might just be a highly intelligent, young character expressing immature, bombastic views due to his frustration and lack of thousands of hours of research and experience.

  6. cwDeici

    Anyway I’d love to express all the above more deeply, but basically it’d take at least three-four articles of news and facts conclusively and scientifically disproving them to prove my point.

  7. cwDeici

    So yeah, great comic! Very unique.

  8. cwDeici

    Well my ‘pologies I suppose. By the look of the next page he indeed meant to seem immature (ruling the world is very difficult).

  9. cwDeici

    – Then again he probably could fix a number of things. But with his penchant for obeying a demoness he would probably create more…

    • David

      Haha, wow. This was indeed just a bit of character exposition. It is, as you did eventually discern, intended to set him up as brilliant and willful but immature and inexperienced. I love seeing dynamic mid-reading posts like these as they help me see whether or not I hit what I was aiming for. I also like seeing people trying to work my comic out.

      • Jason

        so what are your views on our militant peace keeping efforts?- military brat/ officer

  10. Reader

    Well, my own opinions aside, the string of disagreement from cwDeici as per the content of this comic seems as ignorant and narrow minded as he seems to think the character’s opinions are. It’s always funny how an opinion can be backed up by multiple sources and “proven” while others can refute it with the same amount and strength of argument. You are more than welcome to your opinion, and in this particular forum on discussion I wouldn’t try and fight you on it, but at the same time maybe you might learn to accept that some people might disagree with your stance and take your proofs as propaganda as well. I’ll keep reading on, but hopefully commenter’s opinion becomes less prevalent and the author’s is spoken without fear of douchebags criticizing it.

    • David

      Oh, I certainly don’t worry about whether or not I offend anyone. Nor do I mind the opinionated or critical douchebaggery. It is pretty funny that people go their knickers in such a twist over this page, though. If people get this uppity over an offhand comment like this, I can’t wait until more religious themes get covered 😀

      The more ambiguous a subject is, the more extreme people’s opinions regarding it get. Politics seem to take over the role of religion for some people.

      Thanks for your support, though!

      • approvedjunk

        Ooo..does this mean that you aren’t afraid to bring up controversial issues or insult people? Cause that makes you even more awesome that you don’t care what random people on the internet say!

        • xscythe7x

          lol no that just makes him a normal denizen of the internet haha

  11. Voligne

    I believe me I have seen folks get their stuff all in a bunch over much less, I myself being guilty of such a sin >.>

    • Zimriel

      There are a few issues going on here. As I type this on Memorial Day 2017.

      Veterans of some of these Blowing Up Third World Countries wars know that they were *not* there to blow up third-world countries. They were there to protect potential first-worlders from evil. In Indochina, that evil was the Khmer Rouge; in Iraq, Al-Qaeda In Iraq which later became the Islamic State. We can argue about the justice of the cause, or whether US involvement did more harm than good (I’d point to Cambodia here) but what we can’t do is to be snide about it, which is what the Blowing Up Third World Countries meme is – it’s snide. And it makes us not like the main character.

      “But spend it on muh education” also stinks as an argument on account that we do, in fact, spend a LOT on education. Which gets drained away on administration, on students who aren’t citizens, on mismanagement, on just plain embezzlement. (This is the point in the argument where I usually get called a racist, or some Current Year code thereof like “alt right”, for reminding our readers that non-citizens are not part of the social-contract, by definition.)

      Also, there are a number of webcomics out there which have introduced hamfisted moral sermons to the detriment of the story. Usually it’s feminism or transgenderism though, not foreign-policy or fiscal-policy.

  12. azalieo

    are you people serious? you are complaining about the view points of a fictional character who hasnt even started growing a beard yet…holy crap get a life

  13. Umm...

    Has anyone noticed that the on the blog date is December 20th, 2012?

    • David

      As far as I’m aware, you’re the first. Congratulations! Nice catch 🙂

  14. Arque

    Yeah, so I figure that makes this comic about December 21st then? Just guessing. Hahaha…

  15. Din182

    2 things, number one I thought the end of the world was 12/12/12, not 21/12/12, I used to think it was that, but then every one told me it was the former, not the latter, and the comments are ridiculous, especially the earlier ones. It’s a COMIC, the views of the characters are not necessarily the same as the authors and if you don’t like it, read something else!

    • AriannaAine

      21/12/12 Winter Solstice. Although really this end-of-the-world stuff is so over-exaggerated. Really the world will just return to the influences of the first age, which the Mayans believed would trigger an era of harmony. These doomsayers need to commit to more thorough research instead of relying on spotty translations and guesswork, but I suppose people do like a good doomsday.

      • AriannaAine

        Oh, and I thought I would point out I wholeheartedly agree with Lazarus, though I’m probably not as…hrm, I’ll say ‘violent’ about it. Also, saying the ruling class is underfunding education in an effort to intentionally prevent those in the lower classes from questioning their rule is pessimistic at best.

        Is it obvious I’m a socialist? ^_^”

  16. xscythe7x

    I certainly am not of the trollish or just dicky type who is going to complain about someone posting their opinions on the internet LE GASP! And I certainly see no reason to insult the author.

  17. Kage Neco

    he’s one of the Kurta! get kuripika! HunterXHunter!

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