Page Fifty: His First Kiss

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  1. Animie fan

    like i said, this cats a bitch… i just got my own joke haha

    • David

      Is she a catty bitch or a bitchy cat, though?

      • Animie fan

        hmm she’s technically a cat demon so i’d geuss she’s a bitchy cat. on that note i told him so

  2. Magus65

    wow… what a super bitch… I mean seriously does she have an ounce of gratitiude? Hasnt she ever heard of something of Karma ?

    • David

      Maybe to be born as a Rakshasa you’ve gotta have some bad Karma built up already anyway or something? I dunno!

  3. A Fan

    Wow. Way to reinforce good behavior for the one nice demon in the universe, there…

  4. Obsidiankat

    oook that boy has some serious trust issues but all in all i think hes screwed just for even talking to her hehe by the way nice comic keep it coming

    • David

      For hating everyone so much, you’d think he’d be a little slower to do what people tell him. Maybe it’s just that they’re telling him what he wants to hear.

      Also thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Faraway

        He’s probably just starved for the right kind of attention, so his shenanigans are to bring him one… Unfortunately, they seem to attract wrong kind of attention predominantly – and in this case, through little to no fault of his own.

        The girl, OTOH, had it coming for a much longer time to come, and I can’t wait to see her getting caught up with her nastiness! Break the haughty!

  5. Animie fan

    and technically kid, you DID catch a break hehe, forgot to say this page rocks.

  6. Animie fan

    i just noticed scary figures in the background. these two are gonna be best friends before he gets home i can tell.

  7. Uhl

    Now how exactly is he going to make her regret THIS incident of backstabbing, eh? Besides, this time, I don’t think he really had much choice. It was either trust the Raksha he knew or trust the cultists he didn’t. Considering that the last people he met wanted to treat him AS a feast, I can’t really blame him for choosing the former.

    • Aslandus

      But the last cultists he met helped him along, granted they sent him here, but still…

  8. Supertwitfan

    well i just noticed the shadows at the door lol

  9. Warriorking4ver

    And she’s gonna betray him again after all? So much for working together to avoid grisly death >_<

  10. Umm...๎๎„“

    Why did hรจ not use his fingers?

    More like broken nose!
    (Chirp, chirp)

  11. Neo

    Just goes to show ya, never trust furries.

  12. rennat951

    ouch! thats gotta hurt!

  13. AkuMetsu091

    Misleading page title is misleading.

  14. Chase

    DeenGrindr is horrible!! All it does is lower self esetem and hurt your mental physique. Everyone deserves better than a hook up and a nude trade. Get some self respect and respect your body, mind, and spirit!! DELETE your grindr!!

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