Page Fifty Three: The Bluff

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  1. Magus65

    what does he have there? A lighter?

  2. Faraway

    Given his track records… Raise your hands everyone who thinks Laz has explosives or firecrackers on him!

    • G.Ghost

      not the thermite!

      • Miri

        *raises hand* LIGHTERS!

        …or he might jsut be able to play with fire demon-style. That would be terribly fun.

  3. bob the 7th

    nah, fire manipulation, classic fire ball

    • Dani


      Or . . .

      Ka . . . me . . . ha . . . me . . . HA!

  4. JC13

    I have a feeling that this attempt at heroics is going to go horribly wrong, unless he manages to incapacitate all of them for a time or possibly make them worship him as some kind of magic man….err demon, they are still going to have the speed to out climb him.

    Anyways i can’t wait to see what he decides to pull off.

  5. Supertwitfan

    slide six seems a bit… off…

    • David

      Ah, yeah, kinda sketchy =(

  6. Kayoden

    I see two ways this can go…. both end in a fireball…..

  7. Animie fan

    in the words of Richard, Chief Warlock of The Brothers of Darkness, Lord of the Thirteen of Hells, Master of The Bones, Emporer of The Black, Lord of The Undead, the mayor of a little village up the coast, Lord of the dance, and the mistress of magma. I do declare!! … Fwoosh. lol

    • David

      For pony!

      • Animie fan

        Hell yeah!! you not only make one of my favorite comics. you have good taste too. lol

        • Supertwitfan

          You must now anwser the riddles three.

          • Animie fan

            Ten gold says she cries before the end. And how can you see anything?

    • Dani

      It’s not the size of your fwoosh that matters, it’s what you do with it.

  8. Lokisana

    Curtains + lighter = whoosh + wall of fire

    • Animie fan

      it’s FWOOSH!!! read Looking For Group

  9. EveryZig

    @ Lokisana That is what I guessed too.

  10. bob the 7th

    curtains don’t have a lot of stooping power, the monk-ys have swords, they could just cut down the flaming fabric.

  11. Jenn the Hen

    I just found your comic and I must say I am loving it. Just wondering are monkey men flammable?

    • David


      I suppose it depends on how much hair spray they use.

  12. obsidiankat

    the lighters out of fluid its gotta be hes in hell for cryin out loud ……. but it would be nice to see a wall of fire for once in my webcomic reading years 🙂 pwease 🙂

  13. Lupus

    a flamable curtain + fuzzy fairy monkey monks + a lighter = I like the way of this commic

    • David

      Fuzzy fairy monkey monks?

      Try saying that five times fast!

  14. Picky intruder #4 from the left

    I sense Monkey flambe myself, that or maybe hes going to set himself on fire and try to hug the monkeys, little do the monkeys know demons are flameproof! XD

    • David

      I’m not too sure the demon knows that demons are flameproof at this point =)

      • Miri

        Laz really needs to learn how to use his powers.

  15. Vegie

    Just cam over from Mysteries of the Arcana and I am absolutely loving this webcomic! Consider it added to my list of favourites 🙂 Love the chibi drawings by the way, also I am so grateful that no one else is in the house right now… my laughter is a little scary.

  16. Narcissistic Freak

    for some reason im always giving her a russian accent
    “There kind vas made to defeat mine. Ve von’t vin in a fight.”
    its trippy aint it

  17. Warriorking4ver

    I give you…..FIRE! MAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    BTW, wouldn’t cat/lion people be tougher than monkey people in a fight?

    • David

      You’d think so, but the monkey people seemed to have trounced them pretty well in the past.

  18. Umm...

    Aww….. Baby monkeys brought into battle.

  19. LP

    I didn’t see anyone else bring this up, so — You spelled “monkeys” wrong in panel four. Unless the monkeys are also this universe’s version of The Monkees, or something, I suppose.

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