Page Fifty Six: Safe For Now

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  1. Magus65

    I predict a bear or a dragon lives in that cave….. maybe at the very least giant spiders ok I’m branching out too far….

    • Faraway

      You’re on! I bet on the original rakshasa party having a rest there! 😛

  2. Vegie

    Wow! Look, a dark and mysterious cave!! I know, let’s sleep in it because there’s absolutely no chance something large and dangerous which potentially breathes living in it!

  3. Vegie

    Woops haha I meant to write potentially breathes fire. Typing one handed while eating and listening to music does not work for me. Fail.

  4. Animie fan

    well maybe it’ll be somthing that doesn’t breath at all! like a rock golem or somthing… yeah thats stupid, I’m voting for the original rakshasa party to be waiting in ambush.

  5. Supertwitfan

    the 5th slide((I think cause on of them overlaps the others)) Eshita looks really well made. Well I am voting that it would probably be the original party.

  6. bob the 7th

    poor laz, he has no grounds to defend himself from being evil, just one of the many problems inherent in being a demon.

    as a side note is he a devil a demon or a deamon

    • Magus65

      I personally refer to him as an Imp. If you know your imp history they derive from Germanic folklore where demons aren’t nessarily evil and are mischievous rather than evil. I personally like it fits his persona at this point rather well.

      • Miri

        Although technically in more modern folklore there is plenty of precedent for demons raised in the human lands, or those who are only half demon, not being quite evil as well, so it’s entirely possible he’s just rebelling against his heritage. Who knows?

        • Dani

          *cough* I’m totally not a DMC fangirl . . . Nor Rob Thurman’s Cal . . . *shifty eyes*

  7. Silivrena

    Great comic! 🙂 Though you should really put a link for Top Web Comics on here too…so I am not the only one that votes for you there 😛

    • David

      I really should! I should get some incentives or something up too. As it is I’m barely updating on time, though, so I probably need to work on that. Some day!

  8. Silivrena

    Well I wouldnt worry about vote incentives..if it comes to a choice of working on the comic or an incentive I am sure your readers would want you to work on the comic…at least I would :p Though if you wanted to do an easy incentive, you could do what some other comics the page a day early on the voting pages. That way you wont have to do any extra work and I am sure it will encourage lots of people to vote.

  9. Magus65

    Ya a easy access link to vote on Top webcomics would be nice. I typically only vote for comics which have that lol. I’m lazy i know.

    Still your by far not the first nor the last webcomic to have an irregular schedule . I’d probably vote each time theres an update if there was a link on this site to the TWC on here.

  10. Supertwitfan

    I prefer to know when a comic gets updated so I can not check it every day. I don’t complain though if they don’t have a regular schedule. As long as it keeps going in a resonable pace.

  11. Animie fan

    Hmm, did anyone else notice that there are alot of comics that have to do with religion nowadays? maybe its just the ones i read.

  12. Supertwitfan

    I haven’t seen a lot that have to do with relegion. I don’t go on massive comic websites ethier. Underling, Gone with the Blastwave, and Looking for Group are the only ones I look at XD. Well we are going to see what David has in store for us readers tomorrow lol.

  13. Supertwitfan

    OH! I found the perfect word that describes Laz((since we already hit the whole Rakshasa thing and other D&D elements)). He seems like a Tiefling. Some Tieflings fight their popular opinion. So stated the D&D monster manual core rulebook III v3.5… Monster manuals are great way to pass time btw.

    • David

      Well, he does look like a human with a little demon blood in ‘m.

      By the end of this, he’ll be wishing it was just a little, anyway >=)

      • Supertwitfan

        lol, so It was a good shot, eh?

  14. Warriorking4ver

    So does this mean her people aren’t demonic and evil like in the legends? The vanara are? Or is it more like a shade of grey type of thing? i.e. her people would have done the same to the monkey folks if they’d won in the end?

    • Miri

      Most likely. A lot of the more ancient religions are a little bit sketchy on “good” and “evil”. Sure, you’ve got lots of heroes doing things which are obviously good and defeating villains who are obviously evil, but there’s a lot of shades of grey in ancient religion and folklore – much less than there is in common interpretation of more ‘recent’ religion and folklore, where some actions are always bad and some are always good, no matter circumstance or intention.

      Although, I must admit, I’m generalizing; many people do realize that that is not the way the world works, but too many seem to put things into “black” and “white”. Ah well.

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