Page Fifty One: Monkey Business

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  1. Faraway

    They don’t seem that unfriendly… Of course, it does not mean necessarily they won’t turn out to be less than forgiving in near future.

  2. obsidankat

    Yet another example of why you should always keep your mouth shut till asked. Hmm i wonder why he hasnt thought of just running hmmm.

  3. Supertwitfan

    This is a good comic and I’m looking forward to this. Oh and you have probably heard this a thousand times before, but can you make the fourth Woah its warcraft episode soon, or say that your working on it. pls. oh and great job on this. It is really inspireing for a story im making lol. b(~_-)z

  4. Tweety

    Oh my! We are in toruble, aren’t we?

    …And I should hope that you remembered your Yeti-B-Gone spray, thus saving you from a slowly and delicious death!

    • David

      I got back not too long ago! You know, I think I was a little hard on the yeti folk. They were actually very hospitable!

  5. Animie fan

    best come back ever, tell the already pissed off monkeys to go F— themselves. your realy stupid for acting so high and mighty.

    • David

      It seems that raw intelligence, dynamic wisdom, self control, and social skills are often unrelated traits. Laz seems to be a bit hit-and-miss on the second one, and terribly lacking in the last two.

      • Animie fan

        i agree but i don’t think there’s any hit and miss with his “dynamic wisdom”. even this little sociopath oughta know that when you get caught, YOU GROVEL!!! lol

        • Dani

          My apologies “Animie fan”, but grovelling wouldn’t aid his situation any. In fact, if I were his captor, I’d admire a little spunk in my prisoners, and pathetic grovelling would really just piss me off.

          But perhaps that’s just me. I do have a thick “evil overlord” streak colouring my soul. It makes me quite appreciative of smart-ass characters like Laz. They always provide the most entertainment. Heh heh heh . . .

  6. Uhl

    He’s trying to preemptively keep from getting himself sent “home” or to hell, or killed. Doing a really poor job of it too. Kid doesn’t know how to grovel well.

  7. Kharn

    Anyone noticed the eyes in the 5th panel? ^^

    • Animie fan

      ty for pointing that out. >.<

  8. Supertwitfan

    Do I detect a typo?? Funny FAIR kid. looks like its hair, pls correct me if im wrong.

    • David

      Fair in this case means light skinned. It’s not used very often except in some regional dialects.

  9. Coatillion

    He really can’t help but blurt out those remarks can he?

  10. Supertwitfan

    Oh, thanks for clearing that up. New word in my vocab today 😀

    Well I am still wondering about Woah its warcraft. See erlier post.

    • David

      It is highly unlikely that I’ll ever continue that. Sorry << There are other animation-style things I'm working on, though. It'll be a while - got my hands a little full with this and work and school and life.

      • Supertwitfan

        well ill just hope in my own little corner then. Life is more important then a stranger’s request though.

        In other words I understand, and I wish you luck with school and the other animations.

  11. Dread Pirate Lee

    If there’s one thing games and internet have taught me: Don’t F*ck with monkey people. Like, ever. Those tails ain’t just for show ya know.

  12. Miri

    LOL. “Hey, up yours!”

    Poor kid. Poor monkey-people.

  13. rennat951

    sneaky furry! no fair for laz!

  14. Harni

    LouieI so totally agree with this. I slipmy cannot stand how some guys act online especially when you see them in the street a week or so later and they are completely different. If you want someone to like you . maybe you should just . act normal rather than have various different personas for various different methods of communication.

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