Page Fifty Nine: Passing the Day

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  1. bob the 7th

    but then we can’t get any interesting comments on his ego….

  2. Uhl

    Or his teenage “wants” or Lilitu’s “hotness.”

  3. Faraway

    I hereby predict the next page will be a change of scenery, and it will have, in this order of likeliness
    —Lilitu herself, her convoy or her boss
    —camp of the Racshasa
    —That cape-thingie related shot
    —Monkeys! 😀

    • Supertwitfan

      or mr Crowley. You can’t forget about mr crowley.

      • Faraway

        It is included in ‘That cape-thingie related shot’ Supertwitfan. 😛

        • Supertwitfan

          ah… dang… I look stupid now… I’m don’t think outside the box half of the time… busy on WoW forums also. RP is good there btw.

    • David

      You are more or less half right 🙂

      Oops, need to stop talking about future comics!

      • Supertwitfan

        so no mr crowley? ooooh. :'( He has such a great name.

  4. Animie fan

    hmm, i vote for Eshita not believing a word he says.

    • Magus65

      Nah I doubt it she’ll believe at least apart of it. Shes skeptical because hes a demon but the fact that shes willing to accept that “he beleives he wasnt a devil unitl 2 days ago” but not the fact that it was true shows shes at least listening to him. Though not taking anything at face value but not rejecting it either.

  5. Warriorking4ver

    More story time! 😀

  6. Neo

    the way she was dressed? naw, more like “evil slut…”

  7. mokon

    nice las face in square 3

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