Page Fifty Four: Plan B!

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  1. Faraway

    Well at least he held them off for about fifteen seconds – and already catched up to the girl! Once again, we’re given an example of his exceptional speed.

    And I really liked how her eyes were saucer-sized in the last panel – it conveyed so much astonishment!

  2. Animie fan

    second, haha this makes sense i geuss. In a fantastical realm fire balls are probably more common than stupid people are on our Earth, so whos geussed he’s in the past yet?

  3. JC13

    Wow, I’d forgotten he can run at super fast speeds, looks like the catgirl’s going to get her wish, at least one of them will get away.

  4. obsidiankat

    ok seriously he just throws the curtain and runs then climbs over the catlady …….. nice plan B if she doesnt grab his tail there

    • David

      With a plan A like that, it stands to reason plan B wouldn’t be any better 🙂 He wasn’t given a lot to work with, though, I guess.

  5. Splox5

    Wow this comic is awesome. The art is great, the site is really nice, and the plot is amazing.

    • David

      Thank you very much!

  6. Supertwitfan

    I lol’d so hard when Laz es face changed from a grin to a fail face. Epic fail is all I got. Why do I see the cat girl going to grab Laz for climbing on her coming up?

    • David

      I enjoyed drawing those panels a lot.

      • Supertwitfan

        I can see why. XD

  7. Silver Guardian

    “You don’t have to be faster than the monkeys; you just have to faster than the person next to you.” XD

    SO loving this. :-j

  8. Picky intruder #4 from the left

    Priceless expression there last page 😀

  9. Animie fan

    was there an ounce of respect in those eyes while she was climbing, or am i seeing things?

    • David

      Perhaps she has a soft spot for the suicidally brave =)

      • Supertwitfan

        He obviously is not suicidal is seen on last panel lol

        • Animie fan

          I geuss she isn’t actually a bad per… er cat lady she’s just a realist. Using Laz some random demon she finds out in the desert as a distraction hell i’d kock him out too.

          • Supertwitfan

            True that, Its only a demon, who are the most untrust worthy and powerful people out there((in most worlds)) I would knock the kid out too.

  10. Supertwitfan

    D’oh! You need to give us fans an edit button for our posts. Made me sound stupid lol. jk Ill be careful next time. 🙂

  11. Supertwitfan

    Is it just my computer or is there a blue dot under the catladies left hand?

    • Animie fan

      heeeey, your right the rung looks blue on mine too. huh whats that about dave?

      • David

        I think if you look at the image again, you will find that there is no blue dot! This is certainly not a retroactive thing, too – there never was any blue dot! Anyone can see that! Don’t bother to look at a cached version of the page to verify this! By the way, have some kool-aid on the way out, it’s delicious.

        On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, BPELT is a wonderful color flattening tool, if you’re not blind like me and prone to missing spots of the default fill colors.

        • Supertwitfan

          mhmm…. soooooo. Is BPELT Really good at color flattening!? 😀

        • Animie fan

          … david, my family made thier LIVING off of lying to people back in the 18th century. don’t try to bull shit a guy from a long line of bull shitters.

          • Supertwitfan

            We must be related…

  12. Magus65

    I knew it a lighter… lol

  13. LN

    Came over from MotA – love this so far. I’ll be back tomorrow for the new page.

  14. Coatillion

    Good to see that his survival instincts are still strong 😀

  15. Warriorking4ver

    I LOVE the expression on her face as she discovers a demon boy on her back XD

  16. Dread Pirate Lee

    He totally copped a feel…Or maybe that was just me >>

  17. skyler

    Guess that’s what you call coming past on the fast lane… bwa-ha-ha… 🙂

  18. Neo

    Laz: GANGWAY!!!!!!!

  19. rennat951

    hahahaha well thats one way to get someone to hurry up a ladder

  20. Elkian

    Ah, irony. Wait, is this irony? Either way, it’s funny.

  21. Miri


    Laz seems to be missing a tail in panel… um…. Ten, by my count.

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