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  1. Faraway

    You don’t wanna know kiddo!

  2. Pyre

    Is it just me, or is there something wrong with that guy’s shadow?

  3. Warriorking4ver

    Kid, you made a deal with a she-devil for ultimate power, if you’re that surprised/confused by the appearance of a cult minion showing up to help you do evil deeds than MAYBE you should reconsider your previous arrangement with Lilitu…Seriously, like while you still can O_O

    • Zimriel

      This is pretty much how Breaking Bad started.

  4. Dread Pirate Lee

    Ya know >> Looking at him now, the cultist….
    Is the cultist a future version of Laz? Like, a Darren Shan thing?

  5. That Guy

    “Come with me”
    “Hell No, you just killed that guy!” The obviousness of that line made me laugh so much. That was just too funny, this comic is great

  6. Neo

    “Deep shit” apparently…

  7. FD

    Sorry, but that’s just more of the “omg we can kill people and not care” idiot cult. Makes things look cheap. Very cheap. Either that or this 13 year old’s mind has been seriously tampered with, in a way I doubt any of us can emulate.

    LFG does this, in a funny way. But that’s the point of the whole comic. I doubt it will work here.

  8. Satrinity

    The man has a freaking knife. Listen to stabby mic stab stab, damnit! I mean, what else could you do in this situation?!
    This is a great comic. I can’t wait to read the rest!

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