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  1. cwDeici

    Ahaha! I like this guy!

  2. cwDeici

    Mostly for his breaking and entering with a saw, not so much the dinosaur part (that’s quite easy).

  3. Elkian

    XD a dinosaur! that’s brilliant!

    • Aslandus

      The only problem is that the museum pieces aren’t actual teeth, some of them are models, but the ones that really were dug up are actually minerals that formed into the shape of the tooth because of the space left by the body

      • Zimriel

        That’s actually a good point. Do *casts* of a tyrannosaur tooth (that’s what a fossil is) count? If so, then a fossil counts… and so does a cast of that fossil, like in a model…

  4. Jack Munroe

    There are very few conundrums in life that cannot be solved with the judicious use of a hacksaw.

    • David

      Truer words have never been spoken

    • Josh

      or explosives. dont forget the explosives xD

      • Narcissistic Freak

        ah but you both forget…
        rope it has so many uses from climbing, strangling people, hanging yourself to avoid conviction,etc

        • mokon

          have you all forgotten about chainsaws

          • Agilaz

            Sledgehammer! If you’re not fixing the problem… you’re not hitting it hard enough!!

        • Brindha

          That’s a great place for a photo shoot! That super cool red quilt against that white barn…bliss! And I love your new blog heeadr! It’s so fresh and springy! I know what you mean about the sun feeling so good after lengthy periods of rain. I think you experience more rain than I do though! Fingers crossed for more of those lovely sunny days!

    • Livi

      hahaha! YES! Hacksaws seem to solve almost every problem, from stalkers, to those damn idiots who stole my lawnmower! rock on!!

  5. Warriorking4ver

    This kid is gonna raise all kinds of hell before he’s done with that list isn’t he? XD, has it dawned on him that he really has no clue how his world would be effected by everyone suddenly gaining demonic magical powers?

    • Dani

      “Raise Hell”? Pun intended I hope.

      • Kage Neco

        probably not…

  6. The Mess

    A precious stone for each color in a rainbow?

    But different cultures disagree on the number of colors that a rainbow should be divided into. If he goes with the right culture, he might need only three precious stones, or as many as nine! (There could be some I’m not aware of with more, I suppose, but less seems unlikely.)

    • Miri

      Stands to reason that she would give him a list of reagents figure-out-able by someone from his culture. She WANTS him to get this right, after all.

  7. Agran

    “Tottaly not some kind of ocult reagent list” bwahahahahaha that got me

  8. Lizzel

    I never realized that sulfur came in bushels

  9. Miri

    I totally never realized this but there is a numbering mistake. Even though one of them is covered by Laz’s thumb, there are two #3’s.

  10. Nieroshai

    I see the comment section’s jingoistic virtue signallers aren’t as torn up by B&E as they are by a fictional highschooler’s opinions…

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